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Escape Motions releases a new Flame Painter 2.5 update. New features include Blur and Glow filters and a Basic Brush for creating simple strokes. An application supports infinite image tiling and zoom levels of up to 800%. The software is now a full 64-bit application. 
You can get this software for Windows and Mac OS X. The update is free to all Flame Painter 2.x users. Otherwise, the Personal edition of the software costs $29.99 and the Pro edition costs $59.99. See more on Escape Motions Blog


AMBERLIGHT – unclassifiable creative art tool :


Amberlight is a new procedural art program from Escape Motions that creates unique computer generated images. Result artworks may resemble to fractal images, but equipped with original Amberlight algorithm, this program really stands out.

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Surreal City: Contemporary Art Group Exhibition


Exploring contemporary surrealism through urbanism; Surreal City focuses on pictorial representations of contemporary Asian cities. The exhibition creates a dialogue between two artists from diverse backgrounds working in different mediums, yet whose practices display similar characteristics of contemporary surrealism.


Liu and O’Connor continue in the artistic tradition of surrealism founded by the French poet Andre Breton and defined by artists such as Salvador Dali. Surrealism was a philosophical movement that found truth in the world through the subconscious and dreams rather than logical thought. The figurative compositions of the early surrealists were often difficult to read as they used illusion and random thought to try and make sense of a world disrupted by the horrors of World War I. The personal explorations of Liu and O’Connor are not unlike that of their European predecessors. For these present-day surrealists contextual surroundings are also rapidly changing but it is the effects of social and economic development, rather than war, that affects their daily lives.

Liu, who holds a MA in digital photography, imparts her own dreams and memories on real-life by overlaying colourful animals and flora on pictures of Beijing’s cityscape. The diverse urban environment provides her with a background with which to create her pictorial fantasylands. Liu’s images revolve around her personal memories of childhood and relationships. While some lean towards melancholy there is an underlined playfulness presented in her works.

Unconditional optimism is something that transcends itself in O’Connor’s imaginary city scenes. In a new series focused on the Asian mega centres Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo, he concentrates on ordinary citizens in fantastical situations. The city is an elaborate stage in O’Connor’s work, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the most common of people become super stars. He reinforces a sense of theatre and spectatorship in his works through descriptive details of ordinary people and everyday scenes but his use of colourful and cartoon-like visuals create a dream-like scene that is strange yet familiar.

The experience of a surreal society illustrated via the artworks of O’Connor and Liu arrive from the combination of visual realities of document photography subverted with personal expressions of reality altered by their digital capabilities. Featuring subjectivity and a rejection of normality; Surreal City presents scenes from the everyday, as we have never them seen before.





Exhibition Duration: November 2nd 2013 to December 31st 2013

Participating Artists: Liu Ren & Nial O’Connor

Venue: Art+ Shanghai Gallery


Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Embankment Building

G/F, 370-380 North Suzhou Rd

Tel : (21) 5608 6067

Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7pm (Closed Monday)

Visible White Photo & Video Prize 2014


Open call for photographic & video works.

Visible White is an international call for photographic and video artworks curated by Paul Di Felice and Marinella Paderni.

The curators invite artists to reflect on the theme ‘You See Me. Personal Identities in the Digital Age’: which values does artistic portrait photography have today in the digital age of social networks in which everyone can become a ‘do-it-yourself’ portait photographer?

More about the theme:

3,000 € prizes in the categories ‘Best Project’ and ‘Best Single Work’.

Entries by 28 February 2014.

Entry fee is 20 € per single work uploaded directly online and 45 € per projects that can contain up to 10 photographs and/or videos .

By 30 March 2014, 20 finalists will be chosen by the selection panel which includes:

– Jim Casper, LensCulture, Paris, France

– Clare Grafik, Head of exhibitions at the Photographers Gallery, London, UK

– Hripsime Visser, Curator of Photography at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

– Bas Vroege, Director of Paradox, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Terms & Conditions

Exhibition of the 20 finalists artworks will be at the fsmgallery, Florence, Italy, and will run from 16 May to 16 June 2014.

Visible White is a collaboration between Celeste Network, Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Stedelijk Museum, Paradox, LensCulture and The Photographers’ Gallery.

More info:

[email protected]

Prague Quadrennial 2015

Prague Quadrennial 2015 will connect Music to Weather and Politics while laying down a brand new map for the city centre.



Not just once every four years but rather for four years. Not just  in one place but rather in several places in the centre of Prague. And with more emphasis given to
the performance space as shared between makers and audience, a number of new features will bring  the 2015 edition of Prague Quadrennial (PQ) of Performance Design and Space – the biggest  international gathering of stage designers and theatre professionals – closer to the city centre,  its visitors and residents. The PQ 2015 will take place June 18-28, 2015, with central themes of  Music Weather Politics.

The  PQ  2015  Commissioners  include  the  opera  director  Jirí  Herman  (Scenography and Music);  the acclaimed scenographer Simon Banham (Scenography and Weather); and the Brazilian scenographer  and curator Aby Cohen (Scenography and Politics).The PQ 2015 is expected to welcome more than 70  countries and over 5,000 participants – just as in 2011. The overall number of visitors is  estimated to be higher than 50,000.

Sodja Lotker, the artistic director of Prague Quadrennial, says, “In 2011, we focused on  interdisciplinary exploration of scenography with a particular emphasis on visual aspects and  connections to contemporary visual arts. The PQ 2015 aims to focus on invisible scenography;  scenography as a way of shaping space which in its turn affects the nature and perception of a  relationship between the place and its residents; and influences the way we perform and live in any  given place – using all the invisible aspects with any impact on scenography: natural; aesthetical;  and socio-ethical, which symbolize the themes for Countries and Regions – Music Weather Politics.”
As usual, the PQ 2015 is announced and organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic  and realized by the Arts and Theatre Institute. For more information, please go to

Download PARANORMAL–The latest edition of Revolutionart Magazine!

REVOLUTIONART Magazine is a free, bi-monthly international magazine delivered in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of the graphics arts, modeling, music, and world tendences. The latest edition PARANORMAL has been just released. In this edition, we will explore the inexplicable, phenomena that dwell in the subconscious, as if the nature of our collective memory has taught us that, deep within us, the paranormal does indeed exist.
Ghosts, poltergeists, ufo, sasquatch, nessie, xfiles, zombies … you name it, we’ve got it!

The next edition’s theme is “VINTAGE“. To participate in the magazine, follow the theme directions and send your best artworks to Revolutionart, with your complete requested information. The deadline for submitting works for “VINTAGE” issue is 15th of November, 2013. Visit  REVOLUTIONART Magazine front page for details

preace revolution thailand 2014

Artistic Meditation Retreat–Thailand 2014



This fellowship will bring together twenty-five Artists from all around the world with different backgrounds and specialties in a two-week Artistic and Meditation Retreat which aim to educate, encourage and inspire these Artists through meditation, as well as exploring and understanding themselves. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to help spreading the benefits and positive effects of meditation and self-development into their communities and around the world through their art and creativity.

The I Meditation Artistic Retreat will take place from January 14th to 27th, 2014 at the Mooktawan sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated on the top of one of the islands on Thailand’s Southern Coast. It will consist of a two-week meditation and self-discipline training, where the participants will be guided into meditation by the Teaching Monks four times a day, including self-development activities, connecting cultures and ethics lessons.

Participants will gain knowledge of various theoretical approaches that include:

  • Conflict Resolution and the Role of the Basic Human Self-disciplines.
  • The Role of Our Habits in Our Daily Life and How to Improve; the Five Rooms of Life.
  • The Factors that Determine Our Perception to Think, Act and Speak; Relation between Body and Mind.
  • Leadership: Eight Pillars for a Stable Peaceful Society.
  • Art Expression as Peace Building Tool.
  • Connecting Cultures; Raising Tolerance through Inner Peace.
  • Philosophy of Thai-Buddhist Studies.

The Thailand Fellowship includes:

  • Full or partial sponsoring of airfare*.
  • Partial sponsoring of artistic working tools and materials.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Free catering.
  • Free local transportation.
  • Free meditation retreat fee.

*Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship. But to be eligible for the partial sponsoring of airfare, candidates must be between 18-30 years old.

Additional information can be reached here:

Barcelona welcomes Barcelona Academy of Art

The first art school in Spain based on traditional methodologies that will be a hotbed of contemporary figurative artists




On September 19th Barcelona Academy of Art will open its doors to welcome those artists wishing to improve their skills with teaching methods derived from classical-realist tradition. It is a methodology which was originated in the Renaissance and revived by the main realistic atelier scholars of the late eighteenth century (especially by master painters such as Gérôme, Bonnat and Carolus-Duran).

Known for being cosmopolitan, with a mild climate, its safe Mediterranean beaches, always aware of the latest trends but respecting its historical background, its many cultural events & activities, and because it is a plural, tolerant and multicultural city, Barcelona turns out to be the best choice for international students. At Barcelona Academy of Art students will be able to reach the highest educational level while they enjoy exploring an incredible city.

The Academy is aimed at an audience interested in learning how to paint, draw and sculpt in a traditional way, within the parameters of figuration and realism. Along with deep and practical knowledge of materials and almost forgotten methods derived from academic art, students consolidate a good foundation as the beginning of a future personal development as an artist to continue creating quality contemporary art in our time.

The courses offered at Barcelona Academy of Art include programs in drawing, painting, digital painting, sculpture and digital sculpture. There will also be weekend seminars, special courses (Easter and Summer), and workshops that will surely help students learn and improve their methods, procedures, approaches and techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture from the best professionals. Jordi Díaz Alamà, Eudald de Juana, David Masson, Sara Stendlung, Joe Altwer, Terra Chapman, Roser Masip, Conrad Roset, Xavier Dènia and Ismael Fuentes are some of the teachers leading the academic program.

Barcelona Academy of Art will offer three internships to those students who apply for the intensive program and get the approval of the Academy to perform the specific tasks listed to achieve the economic benefit. Each student will possess a student card so that (s)he can have a discount or special promotion at our associated establishments.

The close collaboration with the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) and the communication agency TALENT&CO, will turn the Barcelona Academy of Art educational proposal into an engine of an artistic movement around figurative art that will help promote the work of both the school and its students, favouring their inclusion in the current art market.

Barcelona Academy of Art aspires to be the center of excellence in teaching and dissemination of drawing as the foundation of any artistic learning. The proposed academic program has been created with the aim of claiming the technical and vocational training of the artist, in order to ensure the future quality in realistic-figurative art, an art that, without a tradition, can hardly survive.

For further information:

[email protected]

It’s LIQUID International Contest 3rd edition


The contest is born with the goal of promoting contemporary art, architecture and design through all the divulging tools that the communication platform It’s LIQUID has used for years (press release, mailing list with more than 100.000 subscribers, international contemporary art and design events realization).

Who can apply?

The contest is open to artists, architects and designers from all over the world without any limit of age and nationality. Solo artists, architects and designers can participate to the contest as well as groups.

Why enter It’s LIQUID International Contest?

It’s LIQUID International Contest promotes contemporary art, photography, architecture and design all over the world. Artists have the chance to win 30.000,00€ in prizes, chosen both by public vote and professional jurors.



1 exhibition in Venice held in one of our exclusive locations located a few meters from the Ponte di Rialto on the Canal Grande (public vote’s award)

1 month of art residence plus photography workshop at Altlab Photography residency in Goa (India)

1 month of art residence in Yerevan (Armenia) included in “ART COMMUNE” Artist-in-Residence program by Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL)

10 artists will be included in 1 page for each of The ArtBook Vol. I, which will represent the most updated published guide to the international contemporary art scene

1 year of participation in International ArtExpo’s events in the most important capitals of the world
10 artists will win 1 interview for each published on the It’s LIQUID Platform (more than 100.000 subscribers)


How much is the entry fee?

There is a 30 euro entry fee to submit up to 3 artworks. The entry fee for every added artwork is 10 euro.

There is not a limit for artworks submissions.

When will the winners be announced?

The names of the winners, will be notified on the official website of the contest through a press release on October 01, 2013.


More info at

Download Revolutionart Magazine #43 IDENTITY


The latest edition of your cool magazine has been released.
Download it for Free, and preserve a fine printed copy ordered from the website.


Editorial by Nelson Medina:

It is good to have you with us, reading this new edition of Revolutionart Magazine. Seven years have passed since the first edition came out, and every day more people join the readership of this great collective project.

And that leads to the question: Who are we? What is Revolutionart? The answer is quite simple: Revolutionart is a project that I launched in order to bring together artists and transmit messages and concepts that awaken something in others. The idea has always been to encourage reflection on creativity and art, and in that way inspire others.

We have touched upon many subjects and it may be that Revolutionart is approaching the end of a cycle. Seven years is a long time. Whatever the future holds, at the very least there will be transformations, changes, improvements that will renew the spirit of this publication in the short term. The creative flame will not be extinguished.

Revolutionart IDENTITY aims to provoke contemplation of those existential questions that can put us on the right path. By affirming our identity we can achieve greater self-understanding. Most importantly, by questioning our identity we define and reinforce our own values.

Welcome to a new edition of Revolutionart Magazine: IDENTITY