Barcelona welcomes Barcelona Academy of Art

The first art school in Spain based on traditional methodologies that will be a hotbed of contemporary figurative artists




On September 19th Barcelona Academy of Art will open its doors to welcome those artists wishing to improve their skills with teaching methods derived from classical-realist tradition. It is a methodology which was originated in the Renaissance and revived by the main realistic atelier scholars of the late eighteenth century (especially by master painters such as Gérôme, Bonnat and Carolus-Duran).

Known for being cosmopolitan, with a mild climate, its safe Mediterranean beaches, always aware of the latest trends but respecting its historical background, its many cultural events & activities, and because it is a plural, tolerant and multicultural city, Barcelona turns out to be the best choice for international students. At Barcelona Academy of Art students will be able to reach the highest educational level while they enjoy exploring an incredible city.

The Academy is aimed at an audience interested in learning how to paint, draw and sculpt in a traditional way, within the parameters of figuration and realism. Along with deep and practical knowledge of materials and almost forgotten methods derived from academic art, students consolidate a good foundation as the beginning of a future personal development as an artist to continue creating quality contemporary art in our time.

The courses offered at Barcelona Academy of Art include programs in drawing, painting, digital painting, sculpture and digital sculpture. There will also be weekend seminars, special courses (Easter and Summer), and workshops that will surely help students learn and improve their methods, procedures, approaches and techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture from the best professionals. Jordi Díaz Alamà, Eudald de Juana, David Masson, Sara Stendlung, Joe Altwer, Terra Chapman, Roser Masip, Conrad Roset, Xavier Dènia and Ismael Fuentes are some of the teachers leading the academic program.

Barcelona Academy of Art will offer three internships to those students who apply for the intensive program and get the approval of the Academy to perform the specific tasks listed to achieve the economic benefit. Each student will possess a student card so that (s)he can have a discount or special promotion at our associated establishments.

The close collaboration with the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) and the communication agency TALENT&CO, will turn the Barcelona Academy of Art educational proposal into an engine of an artistic movement around figurative art that will help promote the work of both the school and its students, favouring their inclusion in the current art market.

Barcelona Academy of Art aspires to be the center of excellence in teaching and dissemination of drawing as the foundation of any artistic learning. The proposed academic program has been created with the aim of claiming the technical and vocational training of the artist, in order to ensure the future quality in realistic-figurative art, an art that, without a tradition, can hardly survive.

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