Two new amazing tools for graphic designers and artists


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Escape Motions releases a new Flame Painter 2.5 update. New features include Blur and Glow filters and a Basic Brush for creating simple strokes. An application supports infinite image tiling and zoom levels of up to 800%. The software is now a full 64-bit application. 
You can get this software for Windows and Mac OS X. The update is free to all Flame Painter 2.x users. Otherwise, the Personal edition of the software costs $29.99 and the Pro edition costs $59.99. See more on Escape Motions Blog


AMBERLIGHT – unclassifiable creative art tool :


Amberlight is a new procedural art program from Escape Motions that creates unique computer generated images. Result artworks may resemble to fractal images, but equipped with original Amberlight algorithm, this program really stands out.

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wild horse - nelson medina

Flame Painter, a new tool for artists and designers

We’ve seen many painting tools in the world of design, all based on static brushes or interactive responding to pressure or angle. But what Flame Painter presented to us was really amazing never seen before.
Is an ALIVE brush responding to speed and movements of hand… like a real flame do. This brings to the illustrator a new way of expression. The most interesting is to look all those particles responding to he particular movements of the artist, and that brings an unique footprint, like a signature.

Outstanding results can be achieved easily.

wild horse - nelson medina

After that you can mix continuing your work mixing with other design tools or upload directly to the community. There’s a free online version, a demo for windows/mac, application for iOS and a full software for install all functionalities, great for designers and artist.
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