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What would human beings be like without feelings?
Perhaps we would be like computers, or automatic and instinctive creatures like insects. Revolutionart invites you to explore the origins of your feelings, the root of your emotions and the  trigger that activates every one of your human fibers.

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Last days to participate in Celeste Prize 2011

celeste prize.revolutionart

Last day for prize entries 31 July

Final exhibition and awards at The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, New York, 11-13 November

6,000 € – Painting Prize
6,000 € – Photography & Digital Graphics
6,000 € – Video & Animation
6,000 € – Installation & Sculpture
6,000 € – Live Media & Performance
50 finalist artists will be chosen by a selection comittee of international art critics and curators led by Eugene Tan. Each selector will make his or her personal choices known in public, onsite.

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Protest art

Lapiro 2Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize winner, released in Cameroon.

The winner of the 2009 Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize, Lapiro de Mbanga, was released from prison in Cameroon after three years imprisonment under harsh conditions. Early in 2008, angered by high living costs and a constitutional change that would allow the president to stay in power indefinitely, people in Cameroon took to the streets. Amid nationwide strikes and mass demonstrations, popular singer Lapiro de Mbanga, who had demanded that the president resign, was arrested and charged with inciting youth unrest. In September 2008, he was jailed for three years.

Commenting on his release, Freedom to Create spokesperson Priti Devi said, “We are delighted that Lapiro de Mbanga has finally been released from imprisonment. We hope that he will continue to use his talent to inspire others to challenge and change the world through creativity and the arts, so that we all may flourish.”

“In the developed world, we take our creative freedom for granted. But in many societies, political repression, intolerance, ignorance and religious extremism inhibit creative expression, especially for women. Artists play an important role in breaking these barriers and championing creative, economic and political freedom.” Priti Devi added.

For nearly 20 years, Lapiro has used the power of popular music to campaign for social reform. Freemuse, the campaigning forum which nominated Lapiro for the 2009 Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize, described Lapiro as someone with rustic wisdom who provided a cultural prism through which Cameroonians interpreted and commented on political behaviour. “His songs constitute a cultural megaphone by which the disenfranchised and politically endangered can vicariously exercise free speech.” they stated.

Lapiro de Mbanga was imprisoned for his song ‘Constipated Constitution’, which was critical of President Biya of Cameroon. Lapiro was awarded the Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize in 2009 for his courage and creativity, and only received his trophy earlier this year, when campaigners for his release visited him in on Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2011. Lapiro’s case was followed internationally and last year, a petition was made to the UN for arbitrary detention.

The Freedom to Create Prize

Each year, Freedom to Create presents the ‘Freedom to Create Prize’, a US$100,000 Prize that is open to artists in all creative fields.

The Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the courage and creativity of artists who use their talents to build social foundations and inspire the human spirit. Artists serve as champions of the freedom of expression essential for healthy societies and vibrant economies. They play an important role as positive change agents, expressing the aspirations and angst of ordinary people.

Nominations for the 2011 Freedom to Create Prize are now open and can be accesses through the Freedom to Create website:

Revolutionart Magazine 29 is out !


Two months ago, when we selected the NUCLEAR theme for this edition, there was nothing to indicate that the world would soon be facing the current crisis affecting the Fukushima reactors. But we were aware that NUCLEAR energy would have a great impact on our lives in one way or another.

Japan, one of the world’s most fully prepared countries when it comes to earthquakes, with one of the world’s most advanced nuclear energy industries, found itself taken by surprise by unpredictable events. Much to the concern of the entire world, at the time of going to press with this edition, a radioactive leak has already been confirmed.

We had hoped that those who have contributed to this edition would perhaps provide views both for and against the use of nuclear energy. However, particularly in the light of current events, the majority seem to associate nuclear energy with destructive forces. Without a doubt, this has emerged as a rather dark edition of Revolutionart, but nevertheless it deals with an important aspect of what humanity does. 

And that is why we have invited two members of the most destructive heavy metal bands in the world: Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. They will speak to us of their artistic work, their new projects and their vision of a possible nuclear future.

For some years now, Revolutionart has been inviting talented people to share their visions, without censorship. Our philosophy is revolutionary, and we seek to communicate patterns of current thought regarding issues that concern all humanity. At the same time, we seek to color our approach with positive ideas.

For that reason, in our next edition we will seek to express the most splendid longing of human imagination, that perfect and sublime place which is different for everyone. The next subject of Revolutionart is PARADISE.
Enjoy this edition… 

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The Met Hotel

Art needs space. Spaces need art.


For many years now, this has been the premise behind much of Christina Chandris’ work, a premise she realised in several of the art projects she curated. Always on the lookout for both well-known and unknown artists, her collector’s eye has been sharpened and she developed unfailing instincts for contemporary art. Highly committed to the fostering of art in her private efforts, she also supports and supervises large-scale art projects that are open to the public. The MET Hotel’s art collection is a new and unique project by Christina Chandris. For the first time worldwide, an exhibition concept that follows museum standards was developed and realised in the rooms and spaces of a hotel. Christina Chandris and all who are involved in this project want to offer an extraordinary experience to the guests of the MET Hotel: to live in close contact with works of art that usually can only be viewed in museums or private art collections.




Cannes Art Fair – Exhibition Shows the Queen as She’s Never Been Seen

Mia Funk

The residents of Cannes are used to seeing celebrities along La Croisette, but this year visitors will be more than surprised to view a naked Queen of England painted alongside Lucian Freud at the Cannes Art Fair. In the painting her majesty reveals nothing more than a smile. People at a preview for the fair were practically in hysterics as they gazed at Mia Funk’s painting, An Audience with the Queen.

An Audience with the Funk won the Thames & Hudson Prize in May 2010. A British visitor to the preview compared the painting to the “withering pictures of Hogarth. It’s refreshing to find a new work that’s memorable and resonates with humour.”

Mia Funk’s agent, Christian LaPorte says, “The sharp satire of An Audience with the Queen deals with a topic usually highly insulated  in terms of imagery. Royalty in Europe depends more and more on image to remain royal in the absence of more traditional means of power. The stagy setting and the banal activities including the palpable fleshiness of Freud and the Queen is indeed stronger than caricature as it does not depend on exaggeration or distortion, but a precisely imagined reality in which traditional image making is kept very purposely at bay. This suggests a strange pictorial iconoclasm, where pictures are used to attack imagery in favour of another communication.”

Watching the reaction to the painting, Mia Funk said she is delighted that it’s being “received in the spirit in which it was painted. There is far too much serious stuff out there.”

The Cannes Art Fair runs from 11th to 16th August 2010, at La Salle de la Capitainerie, Port de Cannes, La Croisette, Cannes. There are over fifty invited artists with special participation of the Russian Academies of Ekatarinburg of Nizni.

Festival International Montreal en Arts


From July 8 to the 11th, FIMA presents new artists on the BoulevArt, on Sainte-Catherine Street East, between Saint-Hubert and Papineau. This upcoming weekend offers a variety of activities including: AT THE MOVIES, a series of short film projections; Space Odyssey, performances by VJs and DJs from SAT, as well as the Contemporary Experiences with Émilie Franceschin (France) and her dismembered dance, Mark Cooley (USA) with his modified video game play and Roxane Chamberland’s strange culinary performance. Friday and Saturday at the de l’Espoir Park, located corner of Panet, urban artists will be painting gigantic canvasses live while artisans will be offering live demonstrations of their craft at the corner of Champlain, a few streets east. Other features include FIMA’s colourful auction hosted by François Gourd on Saturday. FIMA 2010, an event not to be missed!

FIMA – July 1 to the 11, 2010 – Sainte-Catherine East, between Saint-Hubert and Papineau For more information, visit the Website:

Download Revolutionart Magazine 25 – Evolution


The new edition of Revolutionart Magazine has been published for the pleasure and inspiration of creative minds. This time the main theme goes around the EVOLUTION. Following steps of Darwin, artists and graphic designers propose imaginative graphics about the species on the planet.

Also you’ll find  musicians, models, photographers, and a selection of shorts and humor that make this edition, a collectable.

Download all free copies and promote the poster that accompanies this article in order to keep our free revolution.