Francis Bacon – Jardin du Luxembourg Exposition


Mia Funk has been invited to exhibit her new figurative paintings in a trendy and original setting of KBK. Her painting take advantage of diversity of textures from velvet to silver leaf to form almost sculptural layers, which transcending her graceful and introspective portraits. The use of vintage wallpaper in some of the paintings brings a touch of boldness.

The exhibition includes her portraits of Francis Bacon and <Figures on a Bridge> which was nominated for the The Guardian Newspaper’s London Lives Competition.

She has just come back from Ireland where she was invited to paint a special commission for the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. To celebrate their 33rd anniversary, they asked Funk to paint an audience painting featuring over 20 famous jazz musicians which was a great success. Funk is doing an increasingly number of collaborations with the worlds of fashion, music and cinema. Next year she is doing an exhibition of her Audience paintings especially conceived for the Cannes Film Festival.

"I’m energised by doing projects in different countries, it allows me to pursue different paths. Art is a perpetual challenge, it is not to find a formula that can be varied indefinitely.I never thought of myself as an artist looking for a belle formule that I would have to repeat for the rest of my life. I prefer to be a traveller, continually evolving and experimenting.”

Mia Funk

Vernissage: Thursday 1 December 2011, 18.00-21.00h

KBK 9 rue Corneille, 75006 PARIS (Metro: Odeon or Luxembourg)

Mia Funk Exhibition from December 15th to January 2nd, KBK 9 rue Corneille 75006 Paris to continue to Fes in Morocco at the Art Gallery 38 rue Abdel Aziz Boutaleb Fez VM

Cannes Art Fair – Exhibition Shows the Queen as She’s Never Been Seen

Mia Funk

The residents of Cannes are used to seeing celebrities along La Croisette, but this year visitors will be more than surprised to view a naked Queen of England painted alongside Lucian Freud at the Cannes Art Fair. In the painting her majesty reveals nothing more than a smile. People at a preview for the fair were practically in hysterics as they gazed at Mia Funk’s painting, An Audience with the Queen.

An Audience with the Funk won the Thames & Hudson Prize in May 2010. A British visitor to the preview compared the painting to the “withering pictures of Hogarth. It’s refreshing to find a new work that’s memorable and resonates with humour.”

Mia Funk’s agent, Christian LaPorte says, “The sharp satire of An Audience with the Queen deals with a topic usually highly insulated  in terms of imagery. Royalty in Europe depends more and more on image to remain royal in the absence of more traditional means of power. The stagy setting and the banal activities including the palpable fleshiness of Freud and the Queen is indeed stronger than caricature as it does not depend on exaggeration or distortion, but a precisely imagined reality in which traditional image making is kept very purposely at bay. This suggests a strange pictorial iconoclasm, where pictures are used to attack imagery in favour of another communication.”

Watching the reaction to the painting, Mia Funk said she is delighted that it’s being “received in the spirit in which it was painted. There is far too much serious stuff out there.”

The Cannes Art Fair runs from 11th to 16th August 2010, at La Salle de la Capitainerie, Port de Cannes, La Croisette, Cannes. There are over fifty invited artists with special participation of the Russian Academies of Ekatarinburg of Nizni.