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Revolutionart  41 - Time

This edition is a remaining about our limited existence,and a calling to the action. Enjoy every moment, live with passion, create and share!.

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Revolutionart Magazine. Art and design. Edition 39

Revolutionart Magazine #39 – Freedom has been released

Revolutionart Magazine. Art and design. Edition 39

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Revolutionart Magazine 29 is out !


Two months ago, when we selected the NUCLEAR theme for this edition, there was nothing to indicate that the world would soon be facing the current crisis affecting the Fukushima reactors. But we were aware that NUCLEAR energy would have a great impact on our lives in one way or another.

Japan, one of the world’s most fully prepared countries when it comes to earthquakes, with one of the world’s most advanced nuclear energy industries, found itself taken by surprise by unpredictable events. Much to the concern of the entire world, at the time of going to press with this edition, a radioactive leak has already been confirmed.

We had hoped that those who have contributed to this edition would perhaps provide views both for and against the use of nuclear energy. However, particularly in the light of current events, the majority seem to associate nuclear energy with destructive forces. Without a doubt, this has emerged as a rather dark edition of Revolutionart, but nevertheless it deals with an important aspect of what humanity does. 

And that is why we have invited two members of the most destructive heavy metal bands in the world: Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. They will speak to us of their artistic work, their new projects and their vision of a possible nuclear future.

For some years now, Revolutionart has been inviting talented people to share their visions, without censorship. Our philosophy is revolutionary, and we seek to communicate patterns of current thought regarding issues that concern all humanity. At the same time, we seek to color our approach with positive ideas.

For that reason, in our next edition we will seek to express the most splendid longing of human imagination, that perfect and sublime place which is different for everyone. The next subject of Revolutionart is PARADISE.
Enjoy this edition… 

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Best digital art: Annual Design Awards 2010

Revolutionart sponsored the category BEST DIGITAL ART in the worldwide prominent event: Annual Design Awards 2010.  When  the results were published we had the opportunity to met our new winner. http://www.annualdesignawards.com/winner/best-digital-art-2010.html

Steve McGhee will be one of the special guests for “Revolutionart 26 – Internet” when we will show a high resolution the special poster he created for Revolutionart and other awesome masterpieces.

Revolutionart The Awakening Poster by Steve McGhee

The deadline for Revolutionart 26 is coming.  Send your artwork now!

Artist Profile: Kenn Penn

What inspired and affected you most for being a photographer?

My studies of art history, especially  great masters such as Caravaggio, a master of painting deep emotional shadowy works invoking  certain feelings,desires, or questions from a photo or art piece.

How do you define Kenn Penn in terms of artistic skills and personality?

Personally there is too side, I am pretty quiet compared to most people but once I know you I can be a goof ball, Soft spoken though I am 6’4 monster. Skill hard to said,..I try to stay on top of my game and constantly keep learning new techniques and trying not to get stuck doing the same things over and over.


What commission have you done you would be most proud of?

My most favorite commission would be surprisingly a wedding portrait I shot in Las Vegas. It was at the "Bone Yard’ which is the Las Vegas casino and hotel signs graveyard! it was amazing even only having an hour and at 110 degree heat.

What are your favorite tastes on music, food, and entertainment?

I’m Veg! I love Vegan food, My favorite is Faux Vegan "Chickin" from Govindas Gourmet go here in Philadelphia.  CLose favorite is Thai Deep Fried Tofu Pad Kapau! GoVeg.com!

What’s the most important for you in life?

My new 5 month old Daughter Sabina, means the world to ,me, My Family, My friends and My Art. I believe with out people in your life to share experiences whats the use of doing anything.

Can you describe your studio set-up?

I ha a 2000 sq foot studio herein North East Philadelphia here in the States, Currently I use a Nikon D700 as my main Camera, with a Nikon D200 as a backup, for lighting I use Dynalite power packs with built in pocket wizards am I am about to add the new Paul Buff Einstein LIghts for my portable setup.

Could you reveal some of your favorite photography techniques?

I love Dramatic light so I invest in light modifiers, Grids, various soft boxes, etc. Anything to give light and my image more character.


Which models or celebrities would you like most to work with?

Right now Im obsessed with Lady Gaga, maybe its the art direction of her videos or her stylist I really like, but its very intriguing, I feel I am moving  more toward high fashion editorial work, Im not really a person that needs to shoot someone famous to be happy but someone who gives me a lot of effort is just as great. But I wound not  turn down Gwen Stefani either!

If you had a limitless budget, what kind of personal photography project would you create?

Oh wow, the sky’s the limit, I have outrageous ideas but always limited by budget, of course I could photoshop and image and have but Im trying to get away from that, feels empty that I cant say I shot it as is, I have a Giant series I do where I place models bigger than life into scenes. I would love to collaborate with a movie model maker and shoot models in those scenes.

Do movies inspire you? Which film directors do you find closer to yourself in terms of visual comprehension?

The ay some movies are shot, color scenery etc inspire me, it’s rare I spark Ideas from a movie unless its theme based, Like Alice In Wonderland or something like that. I did do a tribute shot of one of my all time favorite movies "A Christmas Story" where a kid gets his tongue frozen to a cold flag pole. I shot it with a lady model instead.

The current theme of Revolutionart is "Climate Change". What do you think about it?

I used to be into political / social art, I still enjoy it, but haven’t really thought about it, I think to do stuff like that you need to be really well educated or informed on the project so not make any mistakes to discredit your effort. The people who do it usually are and I applaud their work. Myself I would probably take a different approach than must involve beautiful women and a satirical setting.


Ken Penn appears in Revolutionart Magazine 24 – Climate Change
For more info about Ken, visit him at kencredible.com

Revolutionart 22 “End of Humanity” – Free Download


The new edition of Revolutionart analyzes a possible end of humanity. The question of how would be the death of man on earth has been answered by dozens of artists around the world.

Throughout these 320 pages there is not only a great display of creativity and artistic inspiration but also includes prominent guests such as Lemmy Kilmister (vocalist of Motorhead) or Stephan Weidner (who came in 2nd place in European charts after Madonna).

Among the models we can see the participation of the peruvian model Adriana Benito and the brazilian Adriene Ferreira as well  other talented divas.

As always the "motion" part shows experimental animation, and short videos.RevolutionAD section rescues creative pieces of the international advertisement.

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