The Met Hotel

Art needs space. Spaces need art.


For many years now, this has been the premise behind much of Christina Chandris’ work, a premise she realised in several of the art projects she curated. Always on the lookout for both well-known and unknown artists, her collector’s eye has been sharpened and she developed unfailing instincts for contemporary art. Highly committed to the fostering of art in her private efforts, she also supports and supervises large-scale art projects that are open to the public. The MET Hotel’s art collection is a new and unique project by Christina Chandris. For the first time worldwide, an exhibition concept that follows museum standards was developed and realised in the rooms and spaces of a hotel. Christina Chandris and all who are involved in this project want to offer an extraordinary experience to the guests of the MET Hotel: to live in close contact with works of art that usually can only be viewed in museums or private art collections.




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