TIME: the April-March edition of Revolutionart

Revolutionart  41 - Time

This edition is a remaining about our limited existence,and a calling to the action. Enjoy every moment, live with passion, create and share!.

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Revolutionart Magazine. Art and design. Edition 39

Revolutionart Magazine #39 – Freedom has been released

Revolutionart Magazine. Art and design. Edition 39

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URSHUZ: your shoes, your creation

“Change everything.” That’s the slogan embraced by Urshuz, a new shoe brand which recently launched an innovative line of men’s footwear. The uppers and soles of these revolutionary shoes are detachable and interchangeable, allowing you to create your own custom look by mixing and matching colors and styles, or even converting a pair of sneakers into flip flops or slides. Urshuz even boast 100% recyclable soles.


Shoes of the people

Grant Delgatty, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Urshuz, is a veteran of the shoe industry. For years, Grant designed for K-Swiss, DVS, and Vans, setting the latest trends in footwear. After seasons of trying to figure out what customers wanted, Grant decided it was time to “give consumers the opportunity to participate in the creative process.” Inspired by this notion and by his childhood love for Lego, Grant became determined to make a line of interchangeable shoes which would empower consumers to create and recreate their own styles.

Grant set out not only to make his shoes detachable and interchangeable, but also durable and water-resistant. After three years of research and development, he patented a system of ‘U’-shaped rings which fasten the uppers to the soles and create a water-resistant barrier. A special tool conveniently hidden in the footbed of every shoe makes assembly (and disassembly) fast and easy, so you can change your look again and again.

Urshuz now offers 23 casual men’s styles. With 10 different colors of soles to swap out, there are hundreds of combinations to choose from! You can even customize your fit. Urshuz’s anatomically-contoured insoles adjust to your feet, giving you the ultimate experience in comfort.

Beltzy Graphite   OG Sunburst

Something old, something new…

The ability to change a shoe’s sole means more than the ability to customize, it means savings—for the consumer and for the environment. These interchangeable shoes don’t have to be trashed when the soles are worn. You can bring shoes back to life simply by purchasing new soles, eliminating waste and expense. The thermoplastic soles are made without the use of any hazardous glues, making them easily detachable and 100% recyclable. Soles can be returned to the company for a $5 discount on a future purchase. “I want people wearing our shoes to not only be empowered to change their style,” Grant explains, “but to take a positive step in helping change the environment as well.”

Shop for Urshuz at Urshuz.com and independent retail locations throughout the US.

You can expect to pay between USD $45 and USD $75 for a “complete” pair of Urshuz.

Women’s and children’s lines are in development for an expected debut in 2012.

About Urshuz

Urshuz gives consumers the freedom to customize their footwear with interchangeable, durable, eco-friendly options. Founded in 2010 through a partnership between renowned designer Grant Delgatty and Momentum Distribution, Urshuz designs, produces, and sells Urshuz interchangeable shoes. To learn more, visit www.Urshuz.com.

The Met Hotel

Art needs space. Spaces need art.


For many years now, this has been the premise behind much of Christina Chandris’ work, a premise she realised in several of the art projects she curated. Always on the lookout for both well-known and unknown artists, her collector’s eye has been sharpened and she developed unfailing instincts for contemporary art. Highly committed to the fostering of art in her private efforts, she also supports and supervises large-scale art projects that are open to the public. The MET Hotel’s art collection is a new and unique project by Christina Chandris. For the first time worldwide, an exhibition concept that follows museum standards was developed and realised in the rooms and spaces of a hotel. Christina Chandris and all who are involved in this project want to offer an extraordinary experience to the guests of the MET Hotel: to live in close contact with works of art that usually can only be viewed in museums or private art collections.