Festival International Montreal en Arts


From July 8 to the 11th, FIMA presents new artists on the BoulevArt, on Sainte-Catherine Street East, between Saint-Hubert and Papineau. This upcoming weekend offers a variety of activities including: AT THE MOVIES, a series of short film projections; Space Odyssey, performances by VJs and DJs from SAT, as well as the Contemporary Experiences with Émilie Franceschin (France) and her dismembered dance, Mark Cooley (USA) with his modified video game play and Roxane Chamberland’s strange culinary performance. Friday and Saturday at the de l’Espoir Park, located corner of Panet, urban artists will be painting gigantic canvasses live while artisans will be offering live demonstrations of their craft at the corner of Champlain, a few streets east. Other features include FIMA’s colourful auction hosted by François Gourd on Saturday. FIMA 2010, an event not to be missed!

FIMA – July 1 to the 11, 2010 – Sainte-Catherine East, between Saint-Hubert and Papineau For more information, visit the Website: www.festivaldesarts.org.