Art by Chance 2010 screening video

ART BY CHANCE Ultra Short Film Festival airs on more than 20 countries and 100 cities worldwide.
For this festival, you don’t need to buy a ticket or go to a movie theater! Movies just pop into your lives in subways, buses, airports, shopping malls, trains, sports centers, art galleries, museums, cafes and bars! Internationally selected and themed creative short films catch you unexpectedly while traveling in the subway, waiting at the airport, shopping or just strolling around.

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Technarte in Spain


The architecture and the revitalization of urban spaces take particularly importance in Technarte 2010 with Bilbao Interaktive, a seminar dedicated to the design of interactive installations in public spaces, integrated into the Programme of the Conference. At the end of the seminar, Jürgen Scheible will carry out a demonstration of his project Mobispray: he will "paint" with light beams the Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao, Spain.

Among the speakers, we should emphasise Cameron McNall (Electroland, USA), Els Vermnag (Lab-au, Belgium), Ash Neru (United Visual Artists, United Kingdom) or Jürgen Scheible (Finland), responsible of the development of very avant-garde projects all around the world.

Cameron McNall will show the projects in which Electroland is involved. Electroland is a team that creates objects, interactive experiences and large-scale public art projects. Each project is site-specific and may use a broad range of media, including light, sound, images, motion, architecture and interactivity. Participants can interact with buildings, spaces and each other in new and exciting ways, creating new relationships between people and public space and shifting the boundaries of private experience in the public sphere.

Els I.R.L. Vermang is one of the youngest members of the international scene of electronic art. Since 2003, she is part of LAB [au], Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism, where the four members create interactive artworks, audiovisual performances and scenographies, for which it develops its own software and interfaces.

Ash Nehru is Software Director at United Visual Artists, a British-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance and responsive installation. They aim to work on a diverse and expanding range of projects, drawn from the commercial and non-commercial arenas, and to collaborate with a wide range of artists and companies.

Ash Nehru is Software Director at United Visual Artists, a British-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance and responsive installation. They aim to work on a diverse and expanding range of projects, drawn from the commercial and non-commercial arenas, and to collaborate with a wide range of artists and companies.

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Art by Chance 2010 – Ultra short film festival


ART BY CHANCE is a brand new Ultra Short Film Festival that aired May-June-July 2009 in 13 countries and in over 70 cities around the world for the first time and was viewed by more than 1 billion people worldwide.

ART BY CHANCE-10 will take place in May 2010 in several countries and cities around the world again. ART BY CHANCE submission is now open forTIMEthemed 30 second films!

Art by Chance 2010 has set out to explore how the perception of time is unique to every individual and how time can influence the narrative of city life, one of modern man’s greatest challenges.

Films touching the untouchable theme of time in their own time. It’s time to move!



Calling for Annual Design Awards 2010



Welcome to the launch of the Annual Design Awards – a global recognition of cutting edge visual communications, set up to reward outstanding contribution’s within the Design industry.

The organisers have brought together some of the most amazing talents and respected figures from around the world to judge this global event which aims to become the premier design awards and set international standards.

The Annual Design Awards are unlike other design awards as they don’t offer hundreds of categories to enter, nor do they set entry fees so high that only the large corporates can enter. These awards exist so that they can discover and celebrate outstanding talents in the design world and to reward creativity with a meaningful honour.

The Annual Design Awards (ANNDAS) is open to everyone around the world, from large corporate professionals to work-from-home freelancers, and the entry fee is kept very low so that creativity isn’t restricted.

Entrants to the awards will gain much more than just having their work rated by the best in the business! Every entrant will feature in the new Designers Directory, have the chance to feature in the yearly book that will be published to showcase the best designs, and have access to the website notice board where designers can promote their business, special offers, job vacancies and much more.

The Annual Design Awards will not just be celebrating the finalists and winners of each category but will also be dishing out awards to outstanding contributions. The judges will select entries that they feel are truly groundbreaking and those participants will be honoured with an ‘Excellence in Design Accolade’ amongst other ‘special’ awards.

All finalists will feature in numerous promotions and media coverage and will gain global respect within the industry as well as receiving promotional tools from the organisers, with all winners receiving the glamourous trophy and additional promotions around the world.

What’s more, the organisers are giving all Revolutions Art Readers a special discount to enter the awards. You lucky people will get a 30 per cent discount using this promotional code: 22REVOLART 

You can keep up with all the latest from the Annual Design Awards team on Twitter @ADAwards.

Premio Celeste 2009 winners

Here are the 4 winners of Premio Celeste 2009

Painting price Euro 5.000 – Paul Beel, Uomo Nudo Davanti a Dio o Autoritratto con Sacchetto
Photography & digital graphic price Euro 5.000 – Silvia Noferi, Hòtel Rèverie #1
Video & Animation price Euro 5.000 – Silvio Giordano, Packaging’s Life
Sculpture & instalations price Euro 5.000 – Gianfranco Pulitano, Emergency exit – circuit 09

Premio Celeste 2009 was held at the Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate (Milano) November 27, 2009

Concorso per la promozione dell’arte contemporanea in Italia

What’s More Alive Than You



Following several years’ work, an international project finally got underway last May involving people from 82 countries in the development of an exclusive collection of fashion-art footwear, bags, and accessories:

…makes you feel alive by promoting cultural diversity and giving space to everybody’s artistic and design skills. It is a thread of creativity spinning  round the globe which brings to life the story that lies behind each artwork. It is a revolutionary collection of unique designs made with innovative materials – the expression of a distinctive style for those who want to stand out and feel alive.
With three creative calls every year, WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ targets students of art, interior and fashion design, and institutes of architecture all across the globe as well as all those who, regardless of age, have ideas for innovative footwear, bags and accessories and wish to see them realised.
Selected projects will be put into production and sold by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ and designers awarded a net 6% royalty fee on the sales price. Each artwork will be signed by its designer, included in the WMATY.COM website and also in an accompanying booklet to be supplied with the product, and promoted internationally.
Whoever decides to buy an artwork by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ is purchasing the fruition of a creative concept, an idea. What really matters is not its function or design, but the fact that it will outlive the passing trends of fashion.
The WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ project as well as its collections of footwear, bags and accessories are displayed and sold online exclusively from WMATY.COM


Behind each artwork by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ there is an idea which has become a reality.

PERMANENT, LIMITED and PRIVATE collections are available online exclusively from WMATY.COM and include cross-seasonal products to be issued all year round.

WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU™ is not a new brand but rather a project that gives people a leading role and a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Even the production and sales processes contribute to give added value to these products: Every pair of footwear, every bag, every accessory goes to production only if and when it is purchased and all pieces are progressively numbered. This is a guarantee of the quality and uniqueness of your purchased artwork. In exchange, you will need to wait a little longer for delivery. This production method also allows for a reduction in the waste of energy and raw materials and respects the environment.


The fashion-art project got underway last May 18th with the first creative call aimed at colleges of art, architecture, interior and fashion design, and creative people of all ages from at least 82 countries in the world.
After only 40 days, we received responses from people in 54 different countries who visited the website and downloaded the announcement. Fashion designers, but also artists and architects responded to the creative call, proving that the project attracts professionals from very different backgrounds who aim to give an alternative perspective to fashion.



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Arte Laguna Prize: space for young artists!



The Arte Laguna Prize organization has decided to organize a collective exhibition dedicated to the best Under 25 artists at the Palazzo Correr in Venice, better known as Romanian Institute, in March 2010 in conjunction with the exhibition of the finalists in the Artsenale.

Arte Laguna Prize, at the height of inscriptions which will end the 26th of November, presents an unusual and interesting news for all young artists who applied to the competition this year, a news that increases the already significant amount of prizes.

In fact, for this fourth edition, the collective exhibition of 90 finalists, that is going to be held from the 6th to 27th of March 2010 at the Venice Arsenale, alongside a second exhibition – dedicated exclusively to a selection of the best Under 25 – taking place in the prestigious Palazzo Correr in Venice.

The choice of giving a particular visibility to young artists, along with that to facilitate the entries with reduced fees for under 25 students of artistic High Schools, Fine Art Academies and similar faculties, it was willed by the competition organizers, that wish to make the Arte Laguna Prize an opportunity for promoting all the young artists that look out for the first time in the world of contemporary art.

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Arte Laguna Art Prize, the future of contemporary art



Arte Laguna Art Prize is an important international competition – in its 4th edition – that is slightly changing the approach towards the contemporary art, giving an original look on the works of the young artists’ new generation, the "bigs" of tomorrow.

Since just a few days Studio Arte Laguna and the Cultural Association MoCA have officially opened the registrations to the 4th edition of the International Arte Laguna Art Prize, and the website dedicated to the prize – – has already signed a real registrations’ boom in the three sections: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art.

This contest is aimed to be a reference point among emerging and already affirmed artists by encouraging a confrontation of different styles and techniques. Second goal is to help talented artists in the promotion of their creativity, by giving them the possibility to exhibit their artworks in expositive setting of high quality and to receive the attentions of media.

The interest that this prize, authentically venetian but with an international resonance, succeeds to originate in the contemporary art’s world is incredible, and is attributable in the first place to the innovative formulation chosen by its founders, that let it be a really accessible competition to any category of artist – just think that in the past edition among other artists appeared a horse – but it’s deserved above all to the concrete Prize’s range: the possibility to gain not only a monetary acknowledgment, but the only opportunity for any artist to see his own works exposed in the collective exhibition dedicated to the Arte Laguna Art Prize, than will be carried out in the Venice Arsenale in March 2010, and more ahead in the exclusive circuit of national and international Art Galleries, that have been involved in this competition.

 trikiArte Laguna Art Prize is divided – like in the previous editions – in three sections: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art, each of which is presided from a quoted Italian critical and curator. This year Igor Zanti for Sculpture, Viviana Siviero for Painting, and Alexander Trabucco for Photographic Art, supported by Stefano Coletto, curator of the Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa of Venezia, Lorenzo Respi, curator of the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro of Milano, and Rossella Bertolazzi, director of the European Institute of Design, will be engaged since the registrations’ closing (15th of November for the post registrations and 26th of November for the on-line registrations) in the selection of the 90 finalists – 30 for section – that will display their from the 6th to the 27th of March 2010 in the Venice Arsenale, after the official prize-giving event that will be carried out just in those immense spaces that during the last few years have watched the intense works of the greatest contemporary artists and architects.

Waiting for this date, Arte Laguna anticipates times for the conclusion of the Special Prize "Collezione Tenuta S. Anna – Business for Art", that offers the possibility to all the artists who registered with two works to the Painting Section, to participate for free also to this competition, with the topic: "Earth’s Colors". Registrations to this "wine" prize are opened until the 30th september 2009 for a very precise reason: the winner will receive not just a money prize of € 5.000,00, but above all the possibility to see its own works reproduced on the Tenuta S. Anna more prestigious wine labels, in limited edition and introduced in a very special occasion: Vinitaly 2010, the most important international wine exhibition.

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Call for entries to DOTMOV Festival 2009


Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival 2009, a digital film festival aiming to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their works. Works submitted from all over the world will be screened throughout the world venues from November 2009 (screening schedule will be different depending on the venue). Last year’s total submission was 289 works from 37 countries. The tour schedule will be announced on the website.

Festival Mission
The goal of DOTMOV is to discover talented artists and provide them with an opportunity to show their work. We are also trying to increase the international scope of the festival by inviting guest creators, active on the front lines of the creative world, to participate as judges. During the festival, holding a lot of related audio & visual events, we explore the possibility of digital films.

OUTLINE for Submission
ENTRY: May 15th – September 10th, 2009
WORKS TO SUBMIT: The work should be digital film works such as animation, design or music clip.
FEES/AWARDS: Submission is free. Any money for film production or prizes are not given.
JUDGE: Feed Deutschland, Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine), Ian Anderson (The Designers Republic),
Yoshi Sodeoka (c505), Sugarcube, Motion Theory
NOTE: Please see the website for more information regarding submission.

OUTLINE for DOTMOV Festival 2009
FESTIVAL SCHEDULE: November 1st – 30th, 2009
FESTIVAL SITE: Japan and overseas (major cities in Asia, Europe, North &South America)
ENTRANCE: Free (Charged if any events are held.?