ArtLaguna Prize : deadline extended

The Arte Laguna Prize presented its fifth edition with a lot of news and now it wants to give some days more for applying: deadline extended until the 20th December.
Last days for having the opportunity to exhibit in the Arsenale of Venice, an exclusive venue, known internationally and for participating to the many opportunities that the Prize offers.
Even in the last days the network of the international galleries inreases with two new spaces for personal exhibitions:
LITTLEITALYartgallery – Milan
Gallery Federica Ghizzoni – Milan
Total Prizes: € 100,000
5 Institutional Prizes: of 5,000* € each
Special Prizes: 4 Artists in Residences, 1 Business for Art, 37 personal exhibitions in galleries, participation in TinaB and Open festivals
Final Exhibition: Arsenale of Venice and Correr Palace
Vernissage: 12th March 2011

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Arte Laguna Prize
T. +39 041 5937242 (int. 4)


Deadline for ArteLaguna Prize 2010

Now starts the 5th edition od the International Prize "Arte Laguna" that offers an ammount of prizes of 100.000 euro and the Collective Exhibition at the Arsenale in Venice.

You can participate until 10th of December.


The prize, organized by the Italian Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, with the patronage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veneto Region, the European Institute of Design, also this year highlights the peculiar ability to innovate and renew itself, It gained importance an value in a few years in the contemporary art system and it achieved a great success in the 2009 edition.

Prize Curator: Igor Zanti – Art Critic
Gianfranco Maraniello – Director of MAMbo of Bologna
Chiara Barbieri – Publications Director Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Ludovico Pratesi – Director of Visual Arts Centre Pescheria of Pesaro
Luca Panaro – Art Critic
Rossella Bertolazzi – Director of IED
Maja Skerbot – Art Critic and curator
Valentina Tanni – Critic and one of the Exibart Founders
Monika Burian – Director of the International Contemporary Art Festival in Prague

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Arte Laguna Prize 2009 in Santiago de Chile and application extended

banner_proroga_01 Many entries in the last days for the Arte Laguna Prize 2009, so that the organization has decided to extend the applications by mail from 15 to 26 november: 10 more days for artists who haven’t applied yet. And what’s more an incredible last minute news: the Die Ecke Gallery of Santiago in Chile has joined the Prize network, which goes beyond Europe’s borders as well!

If you thought the time was now running uot, don’t worry: the Prize application by mail will not close anymore the 15th November as written in the “terms & conditions”. In fact, given the incredible turnout of entries received by the Prize Office in the last days, the organization has decided extend the applications by mail until the 26th of November, coinciding with the closing of the on-line entries, just to give enough time to all the candidates to the 2009 Prize edition.

One more reason to subscrive to the 4th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize is a new opportunity offered to all artists: the possibility of being selected for a personal exhibition in the famous Die Ecke Gallery in Santiago (Chile), that in these days has been included as partner of the Arte Laguna Prize 2009, complementing the other 15 galleries that make up the network that connects the art market to this famous art competition.

Arte Laguna Prize: space for young artists!



The Arte Laguna Prize organization has decided to organize a collective exhibition dedicated to the best Under 25 artists at the Palazzo Correr in Venice, better known as Romanian Institute, in March 2010 in conjunction with the exhibition of the finalists in the Artsenale.

Arte Laguna Prize, at the height of inscriptions which will end the 26th of November, presents an unusual and interesting news for all young artists who applied to the competition this year, a news that increases the already significant amount of prizes.

In fact, for this fourth edition, the collective exhibition of 90 finalists, that is going to be held from the 6th to 27th of March 2010 at the Venice Arsenale, alongside a second exhibition – dedicated exclusively to a selection of the best Under 25 – taking place in the prestigious Palazzo Correr in Venice.

The choice of giving a particular visibility to young artists, along with that to facilitate the entries with reduced fees for under 25 students of artistic High Schools, Fine Art Academies and similar faculties, it was willed by the competition organizers, that wish to make the Arte Laguna Prize an opportunity for promoting all the young artists that look out for the first time in the world of contemporary art.

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Arte Laguna Art Prize, the future of contemporary art



Arte Laguna Art Prize is an important international competition – in its 4th edition – that is slightly changing the approach towards the contemporary art, giving an original look on the works of the young artists’ new generation, the "bigs" of tomorrow.

Since just a few days Studio Arte Laguna and the Cultural Association MoCA have officially opened the registrations to the 4th edition of the International Arte Laguna Art Prize, and the website dedicated to the prize – – has already signed a real registrations’ boom in the three sections: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art.

This contest is aimed to be a reference point among emerging and already affirmed artists by encouraging a confrontation of different styles and techniques. Second goal is to help talented artists in the promotion of their creativity, by giving them the possibility to exhibit their artworks in expositive setting of high quality and to receive the attentions of media.

The interest that this prize, authentically venetian but with an international resonance, succeeds to originate in the contemporary art’s world is incredible, and is attributable in the first place to the innovative formulation chosen by its founders, that let it be a really accessible competition to any category of artist – just think that in the past edition among other artists appeared a horse – but it’s deserved above all to the concrete Prize’s range: the possibility to gain not only a monetary acknowledgment, but the only opportunity for any artist to see his own works exposed in the collective exhibition dedicated to the Arte Laguna Art Prize, than will be carried out in the Venice Arsenale in March 2010, and more ahead in the exclusive circuit of national and international Art Galleries, that have been involved in this competition.

 trikiArte Laguna Art Prize is divided – like in the previous editions – in three sections: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art, each of which is presided from a quoted Italian critical and curator. This year Igor Zanti for Sculpture, Viviana Siviero for Painting, and Alexander Trabucco for Photographic Art, supported by Stefano Coletto, curator of the Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa of Venezia, Lorenzo Respi, curator of the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro of Milano, and Rossella Bertolazzi, director of the European Institute of Design, will be engaged since the registrations’ closing (15th of November for the post registrations and 26th of November for the on-line registrations) in the selection of the 90 finalists – 30 for section – that will display their from the 6th to the 27th of March 2010 in the Venice Arsenale, after the official prize-giving event that will be carried out just in those immense spaces that during the last few years have watched the intense works of the greatest contemporary artists and architects.

Waiting for this date, Arte Laguna anticipates times for the conclusion of the Special Prize "Collezione Tenuta S. Anna – Business for Art", that offers the possibility to all the artists who registered with two works to the Painting Section, to participate for free also to this competition, with the topic: "Earth’s Colors". Registrations to this "wine" prize are opened until the 30th september 2009 for a very precise reason: the winner will receive not just a money prize of € 5.000,00, but above all the possibility to see its own works reproduced on the Tenuta S. Anna more prestigious wine labels, in limited edition and introduced in a very special occasion: Vinitaly 2010, the most important international wine exhibition.

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