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Imagine your work showcased beside the best of the world. This is what A’ Design Award offers you. Categories include furniture, futurist design, vehicle and transport design, young design, lighting design, and more.

The A’ design award & competition seeks to showcase the best of design worldwide, across the range of services,products, and concepts. Prizes are awarded in forty categories during a gala night and exhibition at italy’s mood museum of design, bringing together designers, companies, and media professionals to collaborate on the advancement of quality design proposals.

Besides your award winning design being presented at the A’ Design Museum and Gallery in Italy, they also offers an unique ecosystem for designers to sell their winning ideas to sponsor companies. Likewise the companies can bid for the competing design ideas and make offers to buy the designs!

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Nominations Deadline: 30th of September 2012
Winners will be announced on 1th of April 2013

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This is the Revolutionart’s favorite selection winners from the last edition:


1) Emok Mamoki by Renata Calka from A’ Design Award & Competition. Category: Toys


2) Life Style Design by Toko Sano: CAtegory: Lifestyle Design


3) Motorcycle by Athanasia Leivaditou. Category: Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design


4) Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf by Kevin Chu. Category: Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design

5) Black Haze Electric Guitar by Andres Lüer Solorza. Category: Digital and Electronic Devices Design

6) Sensei Transformable Chairs/Cofee Table by Claudio Sibille. Category: Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design


7) Massimals Architectural Design Research Installation by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (d.o.t.s). Category:
Unexpected Design


8) Flyvolt G 208 Eletrically Powered Aircraft by Bruno Giardino. Category: Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design

9) Claire De Lune Chandelier Lighting by Claire Requa. Category: Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design.

10) I+da Drug Store by Apotheka Mexico Grupo Apotheka. Category: Interior Space and Exhibition Design

Tenerife design festival second edition, warming up

This event dedicated to the design and innovation will take place at different locations on Tenerife’s island from 13 to October 23th.


After the success achieved during the first edition (2009), Tenerife Design Festival comes for second time. The program is full of new things and projects about design and experimentation, always under the three main pillars of the festival: local identity, contrasting landscapes and tourism.

The festival proposes the design in a dynamic way through five interconnected areas, including cooperation and experimentation, conferences, exhibition, competitions, workshops and urban interventions. The designers and creators are national and internationally prestigious.

One of the main news this year is the area called “TDFLow Island”, which focuses on a series of experimental projects between design and cuisine. The development will take place in Low Island –hence the name- area, mainly in Garachico, town of great historical and artistic importance. TDFLow Island lands in this region in order to mix culture and gastronomic traditions with contemporary design.

The other areas of the festival have a large variety and kinds of activities. TDFAward focuses this year on Fuentealta competition. Basically, the image of the bottles of water must be changed or reinvented by designers.TDFAtmósfera comprises several exhibitions and urban interventions that can be seen at various points of the island. TDFLab will be composed of experimental workshops aimed to designers and design students. Finally, TDFSolution will be the platform to spread the design from a theoretical point of view.

About TDF 2009

The first Tenerife Design Festival was held between 19 and 25 October 2009 in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The attendance was over 6000 people, including professionals, students and general public. They could enjoy the workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other activities that the event involved.

TDF is a gamble designed by CTND NoQuietDesign, formed by Yapci Ramos and Samuel Cabrera. It’s created to innovate, taking our own traditions, sharing international design trends with local resources. Innovation and creativity to make a global awareness, encouraging and valuing the design as a tool for changes and economic impulse.

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What’s more alive than you: the first two designers and their artworks.

WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® leads the first selected objects off, from the first creative call which was lasted from May 18 to July 31, 2009.
Premrudee Leehacharoenkul and Akahito Shigemitsu are two of the 15 pioneers of this innovative concept of fashion, that wants not to create simple and ephemeral objects linked to fashion trends but objects to wear that tell a story, the same of loads of people from all over the world who contribute to the design of collections WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU®.
People and our collections are the real strength of our project; so we tell you who they are, to give them a name and an identity that are reflected in their creations as well.

AKSH107_2 AKSH107-1

Bangkok – Thailand, October 6, 1982
Thai student with a product design background but with the passion for accessories.
She is currently working on a shoes project for her thesis in Milan, Italy. In her opinion, shoes are pieces of art – they are not only functional, but also inspiring. Her design is focused on creativity, experimentation and innovation. She is fond of mixing different materials. and she mixed and matched different kinds of materials and explored her ideas for shoes and bags.

Sushi Cover is made with a particular anatomical shape that keeps the style giving a strong comfort footwear.
The profile of the shoe has no heel, but a slight rise in thermoplastic material, which acts as a shock absorbing soft and provides a comfortable walk, accompanied by the elegance of the form.
Inspired by sushi, for the exterior a really soft and very thin skin of a kangaroo has been chosen, but characterized by high resistance to abrasion, the same one, with other thicknesses, used for motorcycle clothing.
In the inner part a race skin has been added to the lining of goat skin. The special texture of this leather has some very smooth spherical bulges which, in contact with the foot, bring a light massage effect.
The construction of the upper is performed manually for what concerns the tip of the shoe, which has a clear acetate insert that creates the opening and ensures an optimal fit. The sole is made of a whole piece of natural and glossy leather shaped.
The silhouette of the shoe emphasizes the Premrudee’s design and makes this artwork a real sculpture.

Osaka – Japan, June 15, 1981
Student of interior design. He wishes to travel around the world, meet people from all cultures and see so many cities and to take inspiration from many countries to create a new style. In the meantime, he tries to renew the style of his country and to export it, discovering Japanese culture in its contamination with other cultures.
He could start his journey towards the discovery of different cultures from here.

The shoes created by Akahito lead us to the discovery of Japanese culture in its contamination with the Western one. Although undoubtedly initially inspired by the traditional Geta or Zori, the design has been then completely revisited into an elegant, contemporary shoe made of recycled or recyclable materials combined with leather and precious textiles.
These two versions of PostModernGeta are part of a mini collection that Akahito thought inspired by traditional Japanese footwear. Compared to the draft submitted and selected, the sole has been changed. From the first idea of using, for its construction, a plastic material we have passed to the solution of recycled rubber, but it did not provide good performance in terms of ease. In agreement with the designer the shoes were then realized by using a sole of leather recycled and water shaped on aluminum mould. This solution allows to obtain a comfortable, but also light, shoe which weight is only 223gr. per pair for “moccasin” version.
The material of the upper is calf and wrinkled in barrel leather with natural and slow process by using just water and it is made of one piece, to maximize the surface of the leather and the particular pattern.
Akahito wanted to play with his culture, creating an object characterized by particular and essential design.

Both artworks will be available in unisex models and for sale exclusively online at WMATY.COM
The artworks WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® are marked by orange present within each model.


Calling for Annual Design Awards 2010



Welcome to the launch of the Annual Design Awards – a global recognition of cutting edge visual communications, set up to reward outstanding contribution’s within the Design industry.

The organisers have brought together some of the most amazing talents and respected figures from around the world to judge this global event which aims to become the premier design awards and set international standards.

The Annual Design Awards are unlike other design awards as they don’t offer hundreds of categories to enter, nor do they set entry fees so high that only the large corporates can enter. These awards exist so that they can discover and celebrate outstanding talents in the design world and to reward creativity with a meaningful honour.

The Annual Design Awards (ANNDAS) is open to everyone around the world, from large corporate professionals to work-from-home freelancers, and the entry fee is kept very low so that creativity isn’t restricted.

Entrants to the awards will gain much more than just having their work rated by the best in the business! Every entrant will feature in the new Designers Directory, have the chance to feature in the yearly book that will be published to showcase the best designs, and have access to the website notice board where designers can promote their business, special offers, job vacancies and much more.

The Annual Design Awards will not just be celebrating the finalists and winners of each category but will also be dishing out awards to outstanding contributions. The judges will select entries that they feel are truly groundbreaking and those participants will be honoured with an ‘Excellence in Design Accolade’ amongst other ‘special’ awards.

All finalists will feature in numerous promotions and media coverage and will gain global respect within the industry as well as receiving promotional tools from the organisers, with all winners receiving the glamourous trophy and additional promotions around the world.

What’s more, the organisers are giving all Revolutions Art Readers a special discount to enter the awards. You lucky people will get a 30 per cent discount using this promotional code: 22REVOLART 

You can keep up with all the latest from the Annual Design Awards team on Twitter @ADAwards.

WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® International Creative Competition

The list of partners contributing to the final selection of the first what’s more alive than you® creative design competition has been finalised in the past days. Among these, some international companies and institutions.

The institutional partners contributing to the ultimate selection of the WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® creative design competition are:
Tacheles Foundation, a famous, ground-breaking German Art Foundation (Berlin);
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan);
Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Venice);
IED Moda Lab, the department for fashion research of the European Institute of Design, Milan;
IUAV, Faculty of Fashion Design (Treviso);

The selection panel also includes some important manufacturing companies and suppliers of raw materials and components for the fashion industry:
Vibram®, a world leader in the production of high-performance rubber soles for the outdoor, free time and fashion industries;
Gruppo Giovanni Crespi, an international manufacturer of technical materials for footwear, suitcases, and leather goods;
Material ConneXion®, the widest documentation and research centre on innovative materials analysing over 4,000 different materials and production processes from the whole world;
Richard Lewis Communication, an intercultural communication organisation featuring over 350 advisors worldwide;

The above list will soon include experts from several different fields spanning from manufacturing to communication, from art to design – university professors, advisors, reporters, and the WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® on-line media partners:, an Italian web guide to architecture;
Design Magazine, an on-line magazine which offers an overview of South-African design;
Revolutionart, a free on-line magazine in English presenting the world’s best artists, photographers, and graphic designers.

The selection panel will meet in the ‘TRIENNALE’ of MILAN after July 3, i.e. the closing date of the international creative design competition organised by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® for the development of an exclusive collection of world designs of fashion-art footwear, bags and accessories to be manufactured in Italy.