Tenerife design festival second edition, warming up

This event dedicated to the design and innovation will take place at different locations on Tenerife’s island from 13 to October 23th.


After the success achieved during the first edition (2009), Tenerife Design Festival comes for second time. The program is full of new things and projects about design and experimentation, always under the three main pillars of the festival: local identity, contrasting landscapes and tourism.

The festival proposes the design in a dynamic way through five interconnected areas, including cooperation and experimentation, conferences, exhibition, competitions, workshops and urban interventions. The designers and creators are national and internationally prestigious.

One of the main news this year is the area called “TDFLow Island”, which focuses on a series of experimental projects between design and cuisine. The development will take place in Low Island –hence the name- area, mainly in Garachico, town of great historical and artistic importance. TDFLow Island lands in this region in order to mix culture and gastronomic traditions with contemporary design.

The other areas of the festival have a large variety and kinds of activities. TDFAward focuses this year on Fuentealta competition. Basically, the image of the bottles of water must be changed or reinvented by designers.TDFAtmósfera comprises several exhibitions and urban interventions that can be seen at various points of the island. TDFLab will be composed of experimental workshops aimed to designers and design students. Finally, TDFSolution will be the platform to spread the design from a theoretical point of view.

About TDF 2009

The first Tenerife Design Festival was held between 19 and 25 October 2009 in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The attendance was over 6000 people, including professionals, students and general public. They could enjoy the workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other activities that the event involved.

TDF is a gamble designed by CTND NoQuietDesign, formed by Yapci Ramos and Samuel Cabrera. It’s created to innovate, taking our own traditions, sharing international design trends with local resources. Innovation and creativity to make a global awareness, encouraging and valuing the design as a tool for changes and economic impulse.

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