Presenting finalists of Celeste Prize 2010 Awards


The names of the 50 finalists who will exhibit their works in New York 11-13 December and vote 40,000 Euro prize money have been chosen by Celeste jurors Julia Draganovic and Mark Gisbourne and the 21 member selection committee.

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Painting Prize finalists:

Luca Bray – From Peking to Beijing
Bella Easton – Three way control
Stephen Felmingham – Temple of the Subliminaut
Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo – Cumulonimbusmoln
Emanuela Lena – contextus # 15
Elizabeth McDonald – Psychic Healing for Alligators
Bettina Patermo – different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura
Johanna Perret – Selfportrait
Wendy Plovmand – Fantasy
Gianni Politi – On feeling sacrificable

Photography & Digital Graphics finalists:

Elvira Biatta – Giovanna d’Arco
Hampus Alexander Bjorklund – Before the storm!
Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto – Pot Pourri
Ether – deep summer
Claudio Allia’s work Everydaydream #4
Jay L – From “Venice, March 2010”
Fabiano Parisi – Il mondo che non vedo 01
Piero Steinle – the dead sea will be a lot of fun
Paola Sunday – Fabbrica (from “That’s all, folks!” project)
Liz West – Red Trolley

Video & Animation Prize finalists:

David Altobelli – By Some Miracle
Andy Others – Abito qui…!
Pooja Iranna – Another New Beginning
Pia Lindman – Milk of Magnesia
Shahar Marcus – homecoming artist
Shahar Marcus – The fathers have eaten sour grapes
Ed Purver – In Residence
Marinella Senatore – How do u kill the chemist
Paola Sunday – MADRE
Alexey Terehoff – Lights

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize finalists:

Bonhomme Daniel – Technique de la schizophrénie
Leonardo Gutiérrez Guerra – no title
Joshua Hagler – A Fossilizing Towards, The Name Engorged by Capillarity
Helena Hamilton – To Whom It May Concern (IEQUALSYOUEQUALSWEEQUALSME) – Remain Alive
Denise Hickey – an Army of birds
Jesper Norda – The centre of silence
JeongHo Park – Destroy monolith
Piero Steinle – The Triumph of Laughter
Lisa Wade – Inverted Shelter

Live Media Prize finalists:

Abstract Birds – Genesi
Bruno Costarelli – Paradox
R. Luke DuBois – Synaesthetic Object (Coltrane)
Fuse* – Corpo Elettrico 2.0
KaFai Choy – Eternal Summer Storm
André Gonçalves – For Super 8 Projector and Analogue Synthesizer
Olga Mink – Atlantida
Olga Mink – chance machine
Teatrino Elettrico – DC12V
Telcosystems – Mortals Electric

Final Exhibition: 11-13 December 2010
Voting and Awards ceremony: 11 December 2010
at The Invisible Dog,
51 Bergen street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, USA.

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