What’s More Alive Than You

1Interview with Premrudee Leehacharoenkul, one of the selected authors by the first creative call of What’s More Alive Than You™ whose shoes and bags collection is right now realized.

The young fashion designer is Premrudee Leehacharoenkul, born in Bangkok 28 years ago; she is the author of a beautiful collection of women’s shoes and bags, inspired by nature and food.


Tell us who you are and what are you looking for.

“I’m Premrudee Leehacharoenkul, From Thailand. I dedicate myself into accessories design and I’d love to share my passion in this field.”

What about your education and your cultural context?

“I finished my bachelor degree in Industrial design and followed my dream in Accessories design field. I graduated my master degree in Accessories design at Domus academy, Milan last year. Currently, I just graduated another master degree in Footwear design at Polimoda, in Florence, Italy and I started working with an italian artisan shoe maker in Florence. Thanks to him I’m learning how the products are realized and how to become a shoe designer and shoemaker.”

Which kind of perspective would you give to fashion thanks to your work?

“In my opinion, fashion is not just design, esthetic style, but also and especially a functional and

sometimes artistic vision. To me every artwork has its own story and there is nothing can stop your imagination.”


What do you think about the chance given by WHAT ’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU ™, which all ows you to turn your background into a career in designing accessories?

This is a very good chance for my life; I’ve seen my imagination turned in real artworks.

What’s more alive than you fulfilled and inspired my passion into the accessories design field, a project

really stunning and stimulating, thanks to whose several cultures and trends mix togheter, where I could freely express myself, where I could see my dream came true, I hope the first one of several goals.”

What about the name of the brand WHAT ’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU ™? Do you think this brand name could reflect a contemporary idea of fashion?

“I think the brand What’s more alive than you has its own character well defined and a clear objective. It could be a new perspective of fashion! Involving all people with new and fresh ideas, looking for everyone who wants to feel alive!”

What do you expect by the present and by the future?

“I’d love to share my passion and develop my skills in a fashion footwear field. I plan to work and gain more experience in well-known fashion companies: my goal is to open my own studio and becoming a footwear master, integrating the fashion and artisanship. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with those interested in Footwear design field.”

What could you say to anyone who wants to join our creative calls?

“Do not hesistate to take this best opportunity to share your passion and imagination!!

We could create together a new fashion… a contemporary fashion concept”



What’s More Alive Than You™ presents in these days its first PER MANENT COLLECTION showing as preview a series of shoes and bags designed thanks to the creativity of 15 young students and professionals unknown to the general public, but with great skills and talent.

Among them not only fashion designers but also architects and product designers, who have accepted the multidisciplinary challenge offered by What’s More Alive Than You ™ by creating objects really special, suitable for those who want to stand out, with the spirit of this new Italian brand which offers wearable objects closer to the world of art and design than to the rules of traditional fashion.

This new brand and its ambitious project are recognized by the press about fashion, design and art of 72 countries. Several Universities around the world already involved their students in our creative calls launched several times per year for the design of the collections; among them 15 are already actively working together in partnership. There are already 45 people selected as authors of the artworks, some of them presented in the first PERMANENT COLLECTION and they come from 19 different countries. A project that started just over a year ago but is creating so much interest and curiosity in thousands of people who every day visit the institutional website.


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