This year’s Celeste Prize winners!

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5 winners for Celeste Prize 2010 were chosen on 11 December by fellow artists during exhibition in New York. All 50 finalist artists share in the 40,000 Euro awards.
Hundreds of visitors and friends came to the awards at the The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, New York, as part of a three day exhibition which ends on 13 December.  Videos and audio-visual sets were performed on a special wide-screen prepared for the occasion in a 3-hour live media set.

Painting Prize

Gianni Politi – On feeling sacrificable
Elizabeth McDonald – Psychic Healing For Alligators
Emanuela Lena – contextus # 15
Bettina Patermo – different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize

Fabiano Parisi – Il mondo che non vedo 01
Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto – Pot Pourri
Jay L – Venice, March 2010

Installation & Sculpture Prize
Lisa Wade – Inverted Shelter
Denise Hickey – An army of birds
Helena Hamilton – To Whom It May Concern (IEQUALSYOUEQUALSWEEQUALSME)..

Video & Animation Prize

Ed Purver – In residence
Shahar Marcus – homecoming artist
David Altobelli – By Some Miracle

Live Media & Performance Prize

fuse* -  Corpo Elettrico 2.0
Bruno Costarelli – Paradox
KaFai Choi – Eternal Summer Storm

Enjoy your viewing!

Celeste Prize 2010


Celeste Prize

The Invisible Dog

Press Office

Live streaming of the event !
visible from 4pm to 11pm local NY time – awards at 10pm.
5-6pm – Special wide-screen projection of 10 ‘Video & Animation’ finalists
6pm – ‘Live Media & Performance’ sets
9pm – 50 Celeste Prize finalists hand-in their voting forms
10pm – Awards ceremony, presentation by the juror Julia Draganovic, interviews with the winners

Presenting finalists of Celeste Prize 2010 Awards


The names of the 50 finalists who will exhibit their works in New York 11-13 December and vote 40,000 Euro prize money have been chosen by Celeste jurors Julia Draganovic and Mark Gisbourne and the 21 member selection committee.

View works by finalist artists:

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Painting Prize finalists:

Luca Bray – From Peking to Beijing
Bella Easton – Three way control
Stephen Felmingham – Temple of the Subliminaut
Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo – Cumulonimbusmoln
Emanuela Lena – contextus # 15
Elizabeth McDonald – Psychic Healing for Alligators
Bettina Patermo – different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura
Johanna Perret – Selfportrait
Wendy Plovmand – Fantasy
Gianni Politi – On feeling sacrificable

Photography & Digital Graphics finalists:

Elvira Biatta – Giovanna d’Arco
Hampus Alexander Bjorklund – Before the storm!
Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto – Pot Pourri
Ether – deep summer
Claudio Allia’s work Everydaydream #4
Jay L – From “Venice, March 2010”
Fabiano Parisi – Il mondo che non vedo 01
Piero Steinle – the dead sea will be a lot of fun
Paola Sunday – Fabbrica (from “That’s all, folks!” project)
Liz West – Red Trolley

Video & Animation Prize finalists:

David Altobelli – By Some Miracle
Andy Others – Abito qui…!
Pooja Iranna – Another New Beginning
Pia Lindman – Milk of Magnesia
Shahar Marcus – homecoming artist
Shahar Marcus – The fathers have eaten sour grapes
Ed Purver – In Residence
Marinella Senatore – How do u kill the chemist
Paola Sunday – MADRE
Alexey Terehoff – Lights

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize finalists:

Bonhomme Daniel – Technique de la schizophrénie
Leonardo Gutiérrez Guerra – no title
Joshua Hagler – A Fossilizing Towards, The Name Engorged by Capillarity
Helena Hamilton – To Whom It May Concern (IEQUALSYOUEQUALSWEEQUALSME) – Remain Alive
Denise Hickey – an Army of birds
Jesper Norda – The centre of silence
JeongHo Park – Destroy monolith
Piero Steinle – The Triumph of Laughter
Lisa Wade – Inverted Shelter

Live Media Prize finalists:

Abstract Birds – Genesi
Bruno Costarelli – Paradox
R. Luke DuBois – Synaesthetic Object (Coltrane)
Fuse* – Corpo Elettrico 2.0
KaFai Choy – Eternal Summer Storm
André Gonçalves – For Super 8 Projector and Analogue Synthesizer
Olga Mink – Atlantida
Olga Mink – chance machine
Teatrino Elettrico – DC12V
Telcosystems – Mortals Electric

Final Exhibition: 11-13 December 2010
Voting and Awards ceremony: 11 December 2010
at The Invisible Dog,
51 Bergen street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, USA.

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Celeste Prize 2010

Open call to artists who will vote awards!

Artwork is now being accepted directly online.  40,000 euro (circa
$50,000) awards are voted by the finalist artists themselves on 11
December in New York at Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog during finalists’
Entries Deadline – September 30  -  for more info :

Prizes are equally divided in the following categories:
• Painting
• Photography & Digital Graphics
• Video & Animation
• Installation & Sculpture
• Live Media audiovisual & Performance.

50 finalists are chosen by a 28-person, international jury of renowned
art critics & curators.

Julia Draganovic (Germany) and Mark Gisbourne (UK)

Paz Aburto Guevara (Germany, Chile), Giuliana Altea (Italy), Heather
Anderson (Canada), Jadwiga Charzynska (Poland), Cecilia Freschini
(China, Italy), Fernando Galan (Spain), Adrienne Goehler (Germany),
Gilberto González (Spain), Vardit Gross (Israel), Kati Kivinen
(Finland), Tasja Langenbach (Germany), Renato Miracco (USA, Italy),
Julian Navarro (USA, Colombia), Patricia Pulles (The Netherlands), Asher
Remy-Toledo (USA), Manon Slome (USA, UK), Yuliya Sorokina (Kazakhstan),
Fangling Tseng (Taiwan), Jason Waite (UK, USA).

Selectors for Live Media Prize only:
Digicult, Marco Mancuso (Italy), Eyebeam, Amanda Mc Donald Crowley (USA,
Australia), Forward Motion Theater, Eric Dunlap (USA), Isadora and
artistic co-director of Troika Ranch, Mark Coniglio (USA), Mapping
Festival, Justine Beaujouan (Switzerland), Neural, Alessandro Ludovico
(Italy), Claudio Sinatti (Italy).

The prize is open to any person practicing art, whether full or
part-time professionals, students and self-taught artists from anywhere
in the world. There are no limits for age, sex, experience or
qualifications. The prize encourages participation by artists at every

Organized by Steven Music and Associazione Culturale L’Albero Celeste,
via Sangallo 23, 53036 Poggibonsi (Siena).