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Two months ago, when we selected the NUCLEAR theme for this edition, there was nothing to indicate that the world would soon be facing the current crisis affecting the Fukushima reactors. But we were aware that NUCLEAR energy would have a great impact on our lives in one way or another.

Japan, one of the world’s most fully prepared countries when it comes to earthquakes, with one of the world’s most advanced nuclear energy industries, found itself taken by surprise by unpredictable events. Much to the concern of the entire world, at the time of going to press with this edition, a radioactive leak has already been confirmed.

We had hoped that those who have contributed to this edition would perhaps provide views both for and against the use of nuclear energy. However, particularly in the light of current events, the majority seem to associate nuclear energy with destructive forces. Without a doubt, this has emerged as a rather dark edition of Revolutionart, but nevertheless it deals with an important aspect of what humanity does. 

And that is why we have invited two members of the most destructive heavy metal bands in the world: Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. They will speak to us of their artistic work, their new projects and their vision of a possible nuclear future.

For some years now, Revolutionart has been inviting talented people to share their visions, without censorship. Our philosophy is revolutionary, and we seek to communicate patterns of current thought regarding issues that concern all humanity. At the same time, we seek to color our approach with positive ideas.

For that reason, in our next edition we will seek to express the most splendid longing of human imagination, that perfect and sublime place which is different for everyone. The next subject of Revolutionart is PARADISE.
Enjoy this edition… 

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Japan Issues Emergency at Nuclear Plant; 2,000 Evacuated

11 March 2011



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