The first permanent collection What’s More Alive Than You

On air at WMATY.COM the entire first shoes and bags PERMANENT COLLECTION, branded WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU®.
This PERMANENT COLLECTION is the first real step towards a new perspective of fashion; it will be available online exclusively on WMATY.COM by next November with the second collection which will feature the new authors selected by the second creative call ended last June.
PERMANENT COLLECTION comes from the experience and professionalism of all those taking part in the several stages of development for the products: who creates the design, selected from thousands around the world, to those who, thanks to the skill, develops and realizes our artwork.
The production of the first PERMANENT COLLECTION lasted months and it was the result of a long search for materials by special texture, resistant, recycled or reused.
It also needed to manual and high-quality manufacturings, realized, in every stage, entirely in Italy.
This collection, as the others will follow, are in balance with the nature while minimizing the use of materials for the development and realization of the artworks as well as control the movement and transport of goods.

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