wild horse - nelson medina

Flame Painter, a new tool for artists and designers

We’ve seen many painting tools in the world of design, all based on static brushes or interactive responding to pressure or angle. But what Flame Painter presented to us was really amazing never seen before.
Is an ALIVE brush responding to speed and movements of hand… like a real flame do. This brings to the illustrator a new way of expression. The most interesting is to look all those particles responding to he particular movements of the artist, and that brings an unique footprint, like a signature.

Outstanding results can be achieved easily.

wild horse - nelson medina

After that you can mix continuing your work mixing with other design tools or upload directly to the community. There’s a free online version, a demo for windows/mac, application for iOS and a full software for install all functionalities, great for designers and artist.
Go and try it at www.flame-painter.com

One of a Kind


Strychnin Gallery proudly presents Miss Van, Mimi S., Marco Mazzoni, Yosuke Ueno and Hisiao Ron Cheng joining forces for their highly anticipated group show titled One of a Kind.
The exhibition, which will open on April 13th, thematizes the strong feminine power combined with a hint of elegance and colorful uniqueness that is reflected in every superheroine on this planet. Embodying surrealist aesthetics and integrating subtle symbolism, these artworks beautifully display and simultaneously toy with characteristics such as innocence and vulnerability as well as strength and determination.
The combined body of works of this group of artists, who have been featured on many book and magazine covers, have exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world and can surely be considered as some of the most inspiring and influential contemporary artists in their fields, will be on display at Strychnin Gallery Berlin until May 6th.

Boxhagenerstr. 36
10245 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 9700 2035

The Keyhole Gallery


The Keyhole Presents…Religion, Sex and Politics. A LIVE painting competition between teams of local artists. The model will be modern man as Jesus Christ and each painting will be auctioned off throughout the night. The painters are: Victoria Strong, Mary Ware, Christina Gandy, Jason Sierra, Scott Allen, Jessica Logsdon and Jeanette Powers.

Inside The Keyhole will be a group exhibition curated by Cortney Jarisch, J.W. Helkenberg and Jessica Logsdon.

Music will be performed by Restless Breed and Valency!

WHEN: FRIDAY, August 5, 2011


THE CROSSROADS ART DISTRICT, www.jessicalogsdon.com

TIME: 5:30 – 10:00 PM