Art by Chance 2010 – Ultra short film festival


ART BY CHANCE is a brand new Ultra Short Film Festival that aired May-June-July 2009 in 13 countries and in over 70 cities around the world for the first time and was viewed by more than 1 billion people worldwide.

ART BY CHANCE-10 will take place in May 2010 in several countries and cities around the world again. ART BY CHANCE submission is now open forTIMEthemed 30 second films!

Art by Chance 2010 has set out to explore how the perception of time is unique to every individual and how time can influence the narrative of city life, one of modern man’s greatest challenges.

Films touching the untouchable theme of time in their own time. It’s time to move!



Brian M. Viveros : Original Southern painting available

This truly rare and one of a kind collaboration painting between Brian M. Viveros and Mathew Bone; done exclusively for Last Rites Gallery and the SOUTHERN exhibition. With a custom frame, this piece measures 31" x 37" inches. For more info or to purchase this original, please contact Last Rites Gallery


You can check the work of Brian M. Viveros in a exclusive interview with Nelson Medina at “Revolutionart 13 – Politics”