Revolutionart presents the winners of Celeste Prize


Artists themselves vote 40,000 Euro prize money in Berlin, Germany.

Five artists were awarded 40,000 Euro in a secret vote on 26 September by fellow Celeste Prize finalists. The awards ceremony and exhibition took place at the old Berlin City electricity generating plant, Alte AEG Fabrik, as part of a four day exhibition which ended on 28 September during Berlin’s Art Forum week. Hundreds of visitors came to the exhibtion the night before the awards ceremony to watch five, international audio-visual artists perform in a five-hour live media set.



Jurors’ comments made at the awards ceremony:

Adrienne Goehler:
"We are all very happy with the quality of work in this exhibition, and with all the other events happening in Berlin like Art Forum and Kunsthalle, both of us are totally convinced that the quality of this exhibition is on the same level, and I would dare to say it is even better than at least 50% of what we saw, and so big congratulations to everyone who participated."

Mark Gisbourne:
" I was so delighted with the exhibition, there is an enormous diversity and it’s exemplary of the contemporary world and contemporary art practice that we live in a world where people sing many songs. I hope that you find in the exhibition that we have in some way represented the different songs sung by different people in different parts of the world. Those that have made it represent quality that is commensurate with anything we have seen at Art Forum this week."


Results for the Painting Prize, 8,000 Euro to the winner

Winner – Michael Luther – Gallery (Desk)
Second – Nasser Lubay – Rebirth
Third – Juraj Kollar – Landscape

Results for the Photography & Digital Graphics Prize, 8,000 Euro to the winner

Winner – Olivier Fermariello – Monsieur et Madame Vieille à la plage
Second – Robert Mercer – JumpinJackFlash
Third – Christof Pluemacher – Architectural Misfits (Alpenstadt)

Results for the Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize, 8,000 Euro to the winner

Winner – Clement Price-Thomas – The Guide
Second – Jan Fabián – Good Times are Over
Equal third – Aesop Studios – Quintetto
Equal third – Jens Reinert – Tunnel

Results for the Video & Animation Prize, 8,000 Euro to the winner

Winner – Surabhi Saraf – Peel
Second – Aliaksei Tserakhau – Lyapis Trubetskoy «Capital»
Equal third – Patrick Bergeron – LoopLoop
Equal third – Miguel Jara – Abelianas

Results for the Live Media Prize, 8,000 Euro to the winner

Winner – Otolab dies Orgone – L C M
Second – Dome – Solitude
Third – Abstract Birds – Celeste Motus

To see photos of the event:

Celeste Prize is an international contemporary arts prize. The call for works for the first edition of Celeste Prize ended 7 July 2009 with 1,425 works presented. Jurors, Mark Gisbourne, Adrienne Goehler and Victoria Lu, and Claudio Sinatti selected the 46 finalist works on exhibition in Berlin.

Shift 2010 calendar competition Call for entry


Shift has been trying to offer artists many platforms to showcase their works online. The Shift calendar competition held from 2003 successively, pushes the boundaries between online and off line using a "calendar" as its medium. Entries are invited from all over the world and selected works will be distributed throughout the world in the format of a physical calendar.
Submission starts on July 15th. The deadline is September 10th, 2009

For more information about the datails of the submissions click here.

WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® International Creative Competition

The list of partners contributing to the final selection of the first what’s more alive than you® creative design competition has been finalised in the past days. Among these, some international companies and institutions.

The institutional partners contributing to the ultimate selection of the WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® creative design competition are:
Tacheles Foundation, a famous, ground-breaking German Art Foundation (Berlin);
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan);
Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Venice);
IED Moda Lab, the department for fashion research of the European Institute of Design, Milan;
IUAV, Faculty of Fashion Design (Treviso);

The selection panel also includes some important manufacturing companies and suppliers of raw materials and components for the fashion industry:
Vibram®, a world leader in the production of high-performance rubber soles for the outdoor, free time and fashion industries;
Gruppo Giovanni Crespi, an international manufacturer of technical materials for footwear, suitcases, and leather goods;
Material ConneXion®, the widest documentation and research centre on innovative materials analysing over 4,000 different materials and production processes from the whole world;
Richard Lewis Communication, an intercultural communication organisation featuring over 350 advisors worldwide;

The above list will soon include experts from several different fields spanning from manufacturing to communication, from art to design – university professors, advisors, reporters, and the WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® on-line media partners:, an Italian web guide to architecture;
Design Magazine, an on-line magazine which offers an overview of South-African design;
Revolutionart, a free on-line magazine in English presenting the world’s best artists, photographers, and graphic designers.

The selection panel will meet in the ‘TRIENNALE’ of MILAN after July 3, i.e. the closing date of the international creative design competition organised by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® for the development of an exclusive collection of world designs of fashion-art footwear, bags and accessories to be manufactured in Italy.