Toy Collection Exhibition in Berlín

paw! blush - collection Selim Varol

Coarse is presenting paw! blush in cooperation with the collection Selim Varol, a unique collectors edition created to become a part of or the starting point of your “pink collection”. The 12” vinyl figure comes cocooned in white sponge, packed in a highly unique and exclusive handcrafted wooden box resembling the existence of paw! the monkey rabbit.

Selim Varol has been collecting toys since his childhood and owns one of the largest collections in Europe, numbering some 15,000 pieces.
Selim Varol is considering paw! as a major milestone in the history of vinyl figures. And now the time ends in which paw! has been a missing part of his impressive “pink collection”.
Selim opened his treasure chambers and his exhibition at me collectors room Berlin is still open for public until 14.10.2012

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Friends with you


1b Beware the enchanted, magical creatures and secret charms that inhabit the unearthly minds of FriendsWithYou; they might suck you in like they did us. Kidrobot loves FriendsWithYou!

Established in 2002 by Miami-based artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo “Tury” Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou (FWY) spreads the message of magic, luck, and friendship around the world.

Since its conception, FWY has developed into a fully established multi-disciplinary creative studio. Their work ranges from fine art to commercial design and spans all creative realms. FWY is recognized for their ability to bring magic and imagination to life by creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, live events, performances, large-scale experiential art installations, playgrounds, pop-up theme parks, as well as one-of-a-kind collector toys and apparel. FriendsWithYou was created with one basic concept in mind, to become Friends-With-You!