The Emporium

The Emporium!

Opening on June 8th at 7pm

Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagenerstr. 36
10245 Berlin

Get ready, the circus is coming to town – and along with it heaps of curiosities, freaks, clowns, buskers, brawlers, showmen, con men and shockingly entertaining sideshows. This terrific spectacle will be put on by the minds and craft of Doktor A., Skeleton Heart and Seymour.

Known as masters of character design and cherished for their affection for the dark and dodgy, the mysteriously appealing and the fantastically surreal, these artists will showcase works inspired by an old-fashioned emporium of carnivalesque amusement. All three (actually four) artists are well-known for their creepy but enchanting styles as well as storytelling characters and have been highly excited to put their ideas together to create an exclusive group show that will present an infamous environment of bizzare entertainment.

Doktor A.‘s career brought him to theatre, TV, advertising, magazines and toy design, which earned him “Best Customizer“ at last year’s Designer Toy Awards. Not only since then has he a world-wide following that adores his dark twisted dreams and unique artworks that are character driven by clashes of urban pop culture, classic children’s stories and neo-Victorian industrial neverlands.

Skeleton Heart is the collaborative pseudonym for artists Anthony and Lisa Parker. Both have spent over 15 years in the movie industry working on films such as Hellboy 2, Corpse Bride, 28 Days Later or Harry Potter. In 2009 they decided to combine their creative works and since then feed off each others ideas and creativity, merging their individual styles and influences. The result are pieces that have a cartoony look with a distinctly dark side or ‘cute but creepy’ as they have been referred to by many.

Seymour, who has often been referred to as Berlin’s Tim Burton, is a fine observer and compulsive spectator with a fondness of the commonplace and extraordinary environments alike. Influenced by ornamental aesthetics and details used in the Victorian and Renaissance eras Seymour likes to combine the natural with the surreal, each piece intended to visually record the amalgamation of all the ideas of the time.

If you would like to be informed about our presale for this exhibition please write a short note to: [email protected] .