The Lumen Exhibition Launches in London



The Lumen Prize Exhibition will start travelling the world in January 2013, appearing in top venues around the globe. The tour kicks off in London’s Gallery 27, Cork Street, London W1S 3NG. The gallery will be open to the public on Tuesday 22 January from 7pm- 10 pm and on Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 January from 10 am – 6 pm.

On display will be the works of Lumen Prize winners, the Exhibition 50 and the People’s Choice winner. The shortlisted works of digitally created fine art will be displayed on large-scale screens and projectors, available for members of the public to buy and to browse.

The Lumen Prize aims to promote digital fine art globally. The work will also be featured in galleries in Latvia, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, as part of the worldwide tour.

“The Royal Academy’s recent David Hockney exhibition was mobbed, showing how people love art created on screen as much as on canvas,” says Lumen CEO, Carla Rapoport.

The contest has been organized by a group of professionals with experience from British Museum, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York University, the National Portrait Gallery, The Financial Times and includes Lord Stevenson, former Chancellor of the University of the Arts. The Jury Panel includes Gordon Young, prize-winning UK artist and Ivor Davies, President of the Royal Cambrian Academy. The prize receives support from Cardiff city council.

Proceeds from the competition, after costs, are being donated to support the vital work of Peace Direct, a global charity that supports local peacebuilders in conflict zones worldwide.

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