Tristan Nitot, President de Mozilla Europe, will open the third edition of nonick

Nonick devotes its third edition to mobile applications, a sector in which the recent proliferation of devices has generated an exponential growth


nonick, the international conference on Internet trends, will celebrate its 3rd edition on 17th and 18th June in EiTB Headquarters, in Bilbao (Spain). Tristan Nitot, President and Founder of Mozilla Europe, creators of Firefox browser, will give the opening keynote. Under his leadership, Firefox has reached 50 percent market share in countries like Germany and Poland. Tristan Nitot was with Netscape from 1997 to 2003 and has also helped launch the project in 2002, aiming at promoting Web standards and accessibility.

EThe Programme of nonick is made up of seven keynotes, two round tables and some Workshops, and it includes, as in previous editions, the Start Up 2.0 final. The seven keynotes of nonick will present mobile apps related to very different areas, like photography, sports, music, communication and mobile marketing. Between the keynote speakers, stands Jed Alpert, CEO of Mobilecommons, the platform that Barack Obama will use to promote his re-election. Lucas Allen Buick, from Hisptamatic, selected like one of the 10 best Iphone apps in 2010, and Alex Powell, from Soft Pauer, company responsible for developing applications to track official MotoGP and Formula 1 Championship will be also speakers at nonick. Jason Titus, CTO at Shazam Entertainment, will close the conference on Saturday, with a presentation about Shazam, the mobile app for music identification most widespread of the world.

The two round tables of nonick will deal with the use of mobile devices since two different perspectives: the first will focus on the apps development, and the second will tackle on the activism in Arab countries through mobile devices.

A wide offer of Open Workshops, that the own attendees may give to show their projects, share knowledge or seek alliances, completes the nonick programme. In addition, nonick will include for third consecutive year the Start UP 2.0 final, a competition for startups that use 2.0 technologies, in which 5 finalists will present their projects to a jury of specialist and developers from all around the world

Organised by and the Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism Department, trough the public society SPRI, and with the collaboration of CBT, nonick expects to meet more than 400 experts from the entire world. The event is held entirely in English, and the registrations, which are already open, include all the conference and workshops, coffee breaks, two lunches and the official dinner of nonick in the kafe Antzokia of Bilbao.