the new powerful alternative to photoshop

Affinity Photo: The new powerful alternative to photoshop

the new powerful alternative to photoshop

A software firm Serif has just launched ‘Affinity Photo’, touted as a new and powerful alternative to the oldest Adobe Photoshop. Serif isn’t aiming to just replicate Photoshop, or create a cut-down version.

They describe it as “the fastest, smoothest, most precise, professional image editing software” and it is designed for professional photographers and retouchers. You can download the beta of this program for free (only available for Mac)

Said Ashley Hewson, managing director of Serif in an interview with Creative Bloq, “Photoshop is an amazing piece of software. But the problem is, it’s built on 25-year-old architecture. When that architecture was being created, Adobe couldn’t have anticipated the incredible developments we’ve seen in computers since. Which means that they’re now struggling to adapt Photoshop to take advantage of modern computing power.”

Check this video to take a tour on their innovative characteristics: