David Cerny’s babies will be moved from Prague to Australia

Celebrated Prague artist to exhibit in Australia for the first time at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014



Travelling all the way from Prague, David ?erný’s internationally renowned and much loved fibreglass, Babies will be installed and unveiled at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi on Friday October 31 at Marks Park.
With each figure 2.4 metres high and over 3 metres long, these figurative pieces are striking in size and form and will be a definite hit with the general public for their personality and flair.

This is the first time the celebrated artist from Prague has exhibited in Australia. ?erný’s Babies project, were first presented in 1994 at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art, followed by appearances in various other major cities including London. The Tower Babies crawling up one of the Prague’s most prominent landmarks the Žižkov TV Tower are without a doubt the most visible and highly recognised sculptures in this series of work.  A Czech sculptor,  David ?erný is well known for his controversial and flamboyant sculptural works including painting the Prague memorial Russian tank bubble-gum pink shortly after the revolution in what was then Czechoslovakia; and his full scale double-decker London bus doing push-ups during the London Olympics.

"It is wonderful to have ‘The Babies’ in Sydney, overlooking Bondi beach", says David Handley, Founding Director of the exhibition.
"Ever since David shot to fame with his pink tank we’ve wanted him to exhibit his work at Bondi. The moment ‘The Babies’ arrived on site they’ve seemed intriguing to passers-by and brought a smile to many a face."
"Due to a delay with European customs and then the storms at sea, the arrival of the Babies has been delayed until today."
Sculpture by the Sea hope for David ?erný to be a visiting artist of the exhibition in the next year or two.

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