Cheap Street Poster Art Festival – 2nd edition in Italy


Cheap, the festival exclusively dedicated to street poster art, is now in its 2nd edition. The festival is scheduled to take place from May 1 to May 10 in the urban public spaces of four different neighborhoods in the city of Bologna, Italy. The core identity of the festival revolves around bringing artists’ creations into outlying areas and collaborating closely with local administrations and city residents; Cheap takes on the challenge of promoting urban renewal through creative efforts involving the use of paper, the central element of poster art.

Unlike last year’s edition, this year’s festival will focus exclusively on urban spaces and develop along two main lines: on one hand, it will host a series of site-specific interventions by Italian and international artists with extensive experience in the street poster art scene invited by the festival organizers; on the other hand, the festival is issuing an open call, which can be viewed at, targeting not only street artists but also illustrators, photographers and graphic artists with an invitation to engage with the paper medium and poster format.

1,050 square meters of paper and 112 liters of glue used, 125 artists selected through the 2013 Open Call for Artists: these figures from the first edition of Cheap illustrate the high level of participation by artists from numerous countries, both in and outside of Europe.

Just like the first edition, artists are welcome to participate in the 2014 edition individually or as part of a group, proposing from one to three projects. All work must be exclusively designed in black and white and can be created using various techniques: vector graphics, illustration and photography. Applicants are requested to send files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and maximum dimensions of 70×100 cm. All proposed artwork must be received by the Cheap organizers no later than midnight on April 10th, 2014.