5 pieces gallery

The 5 Pieces Gallery is a venue for the sale of high quality art including paintings, collages, photographs and limited edition prints.
They focus on fine arts and photography emerging from urban subcultures and support some of the most exciting and innovative contemporary artists working around the world.  The annual 5 Pieces Group Show takes place in Berne, Switzerland.

Kate Garner - Kate Moss

Here’s more about this project from Dennis Ammann, their gallery director:

Interviewer:Could you describe the scope of the 5 Pieces Gallery?
Mr. Ammann: The 5 Pieces Gallery represents a select group of emerging and established artists and is commited to introducing groundbreaking art. We try to offer an original and multidisciplinary programme, showing artists from all horizons to an
international audience. Our clients are as heterogenous as our artists, we deliever the whole spectrum of clients from the poor art student up to the rich art collector, some are buying works to hang on their walls, others see a great investment in it and some just want to support young artists.

Christopher Ilth - Untitled (Print R)

Interviewer: Where do you find artists and what is your metric of selection?
Mr. Ammann: First and foremost the artist and the individual work must appeal to me personally. It’s a dangerous philosophy to follow trends or, worse still, a mathematical calculation in the hope of making money. Whether we like it or not, art is emotional, it
evokes an emotional reaction. After the initial spark, the originality of the work is essential. It’s also important to us that our line-up features artists who come from a variety of countries and cultures, providing diversity in content, perspective and style.
Furthermore, since we see art as an important means of social and political engagement, the gallery has a desire to challenge the viewers, social norms and itself.
So it’s not only about technique, beauty or understanding of light and figure, it’s more about how well the art mirrors the society of its day. In the end, I think good art stands out on its own merits, and we still like to believe that this reigns supreme. We ignore and
avoid the hype, we judge the work with our eyes and hearts and not our ears. Popularity should not be confused with importance. However, our purpose is to showcase the very best artistic talent the world has to offer, so we put a lot of effort into the search for new
talent. It is imporant to us to show them from the beginning honestly how we work and what we have to offer, and be supportive rather than prescriptive in approach.

More info at: www.5piecesgallery.com