Saul Sanolari



Queen Elizabeth II – Snow Balls, 2007


Michael Jackson – Escape from Yourself, 2008


Barbie – The Vagina Monologues, 2009

Saul’s irony and creative vitality allows him to tackle complex and often awkward themes like the changing values in aesthetics. His collection of images offers us a surreal 2D wax museum; made of a mixture of fantasy and reality, thoughts, concepts and images.  The subject’s digitally remastered psyche is embalmed forever in its frozen world.

You cannot be in front of a Saul Zanolari artwork: you are immediately sucked inside his world. Saul gradually removes the protagonist’s assumed identity and introduces an avatar, who morphs the subject’s features back into the real person deep inside.

Saul is now releasing his army on the world. His full range of work can be seen at

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